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Ok i manage to finally finish the GigaPack, i think this would be final version... i dont plan to work on GigaPack anymore, but i might be willing to fix wrong animations, bad Not Editor tags or bad Bone or Vertex Assignment, so feel free to comment.

You can download GigaPack here:


Oh yes, Javo could you upload the new version of Giga into the Download section too?

Need to reinstall Redemption ect and check it out, I put it on the front page at PV and posted about it at GoG.com. Does it contain Tourettes Guy and MJ?

Had a chance to check it out this evening, pretty cool and no crashes! I liked the diversity, with the addition of the indian women and arab men, added since the previous version was released. Hitler? lol... MJ is there, though with skeleton 3. I haven't messed with the robots yet but they looks pretty damn cool, nice work!

Aww damn forgot about that tourettes... well is not too late to add him.

Ah yes also added few aliens, some rednecks, indians and a nice devil, the robots are kinda funny...


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