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How did I originally get into V:TM-R? Strangely enough, it was due to PC World's crappy games return policy lol. My dad bought the game, but didn't pay attention to the spec requirements so it wouldn't run on the pc I had at the time. He tried to take it back for a refund, but as the game itself worked... PC World refused. Vamp sat on a shelf for a few years, until around 2003 (ish) I decided to try it again (a few PC systems later from the last one). Loved the singleplayer game, and after playing that through hell-knows how many times, I started playing it online. Originally, I'd hang out with the hack and slash types or just people who enjoyed being in the V:TM-R environment, but soon found myself automatically playing the role of the character I was logged in as. Bam...I'd discovered what RP was lol. Didn't take me long to run into the people of the Crimson Keep, and the rest is history as they say.

I started out as just another member, joining their games, then came up with my own storylines and started hosting. As the years went by I got more involved and started making V:TM-R youtube vids for a bit of fun, and utitlised my liking for creative writing by adding storyline-based posts to our Roleplay forum. There's also even a CK presence in 'Second Life' now lol.  As Demortia got more creative and started making maps etc, I'd play the part of 'tester'. I've considered getting into map-making myself - tried it once, and got driven nuts lol - maybe I'll look into it again some day.... watch this space  ;). It's always been something I've been interested in... but even the idea of starting is.... intimidating to say the least.

When RL got in the way and certain members had to take a time out from online stuff, the CK pretty much ended up in a year or so of torpor. It got back on it's feet in 2009 (ish). As some of you know, Dem has been AWOL, and that has hit it's comeback hard - along with WON going down in the meantime and us having to adjust to using Hamachi. With Dem missing, the website eventually went down, as did a few other connections... but with the website now re-made, and games in all the eras gradually going again, we're hoping we can keep things ticking over until she returns *crosses fingers*. I've stepped up to the mark as the (temporary) Guild Leader to keep things going in her absence. Gouging the eyes out of bad-guys in-game just isnt the same without her lol.

I'm still loving the opportunity vamp provides for me to be imaginative with storlyines and work on my creative writing skills, and still find myself coming up with new ideas even now. RL gets in the way more often than it used to... but I'm digging my heels in. Even real life can't drag me away for too long it seems lol.


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