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ok, where to begin... I joined the game around 2005ish. At the time, I was around 14 or so. The game was given to me as a gift from my parents. I started playing single player straight away and loved it! Bare in mind my PC wasn't all that good back then, VTMR seemed like a big jump in gaming for me.

So, around 3 months in I decide to try out LAN which I also loved, messing around with the ST head. I used to find it entertaining making my own worlds and epic battles :D

So, I then decided to try online (internet) but to my shock the account maker was down... So I did research and stumbled upon  flip-side account wiz, made an account and joined immediately! But again, no body was there. I checked all the rooms, no body. It was when I left a game I saw a message from  skyra who directed me here where I learned about RP and WOD. Sadly though I never chased it up and just continued messing around by myself.

In 2006ish I began to get random people join/leave my games some of which where frequent others I'd never see again, I also began to see the CK pop up a lot too which is where I began to really learn about RP.

But I was still alone... Only a handful of people would log onto WON a month. It took almost 6 months for me to find a small group of active players who I began to play with regularly. near the end of 2006, we made our own group, Kindred-Knights. As the years went on, we became more and more popular, games poured in, STs from all walks of life emailing me to host, WOD/N/O, Hack and slash, general free play RP etc...

in 2008 we became a very big and asset to the community, with over 50 active members! It was here however when WON was finally shut down which forced us to move to Hamachi. KK increased their connections with many other small groups we had met also like PV, we used youtube and many other networks to get in touch with the people.

We hosted for a good 2 years  before we finally started to die out, people kept coming in but STs kept going out. Demand for games was high, too high. It came to a point where we began to lose players until finally. I pulled the plug on vtmr and withdrew from leadership.

On my time on WON.net though I met "Joe" who kindly invited me to ICT, when KK disbanded I went to play there with a bunch of awesome people. Sadly though, I've become so busy I barely get to go over anymore.

in 2010, I don't play VTMR as much as i used too sadly. But I am interested in bringing back life to this game and hopefully someday will.



A video of some of the games we played in the past, I miss those times. :'(


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