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Author Topic: Win an Arcade?  (Read 2680 times)


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Win an Arcade?
« on: 2006-06-10, 10:44:34 »

This was a dream trying to tell me something. I should tell it before it fades like much of the others. I had this one quite a while back ago.

I was at the mall, which no longer exists sense it was torn down and made into a retail store. I was playing games at the arcade, which require you to exchange quarters for tokens for the machines - at least this one did.

I was told that if you obtain a special token from the token machine you can put your name on it and place it into a drawing basket. It was a fairly active arcade considering the console and pc competition. I figured it would be awesome to win an arcade because I like video games. hehe

I wasn't sure what I did, but I think I did have a special token. I placed it in the basket I guess then started playing a bunch of strange arcade games with the rest of my tokens. Alot of them were classics, but I didn't recognize any of them. I don't even recall what many of them looked like. I know there was one that was a fighter pilot game that has a top scrolling action to it and another one that was a space flight game. There were many arcade systems in there.

I played a lot of the games for a bit then I left to roam around the mall a bit more. I was with some friends I think. Not sure, but someone came up to me while I was walking around and told me that my name was drawn. Not quite sure how that person knew me, but didn't think of that at the time so I went back to the arcade.

Well it appeared they were drawing multiple names. Don't remember how many, but it was quite a few. After it was done they told all the winners to go in the back room for the final drawing.

I remember the backroom to be large. The walls and the carpet were a kind of bluish color throughout the main arcade room and the back room. The lighting came from small circle spot light holes in the ceiling. It was a nicely made arcade. Simple in design, but I liked the blues with the lighting.

There was a steel shelf that had nothing on it in the center of the backroom against the wall. The entrance to the room was at a kitty corner to the side where the shelf was. On the other side of the room there was another door in the corner beyond the shelf along with a counter space. There was a tv on a stand next to that door on the opposite side facing diagnoly at a stool infront of it.

So in perspective when I walked in there was a steel shelf in front of me facing the door going out from the adjacent wall to my right. Beyond that was the counter, opposite side exit door, and tv next to it. On the left side of the wall there was a a couple of white boards... I think.

Well moving on I went in and watched tv for awhile then they told me to go through the back door where they were ready to do the final drawing. The door led to a large freight room. Rather confused by that. There were many large shelves with tons of boxes making the freight room into kind of a messy maze. Lights from the ceiling illuminate a orange-yellow upon the floor and shelves.

In the minst of this mess there was a table with a stack of tabs on it against a white square shaped pillar wall. There was a few people standing around waiting for one of the tabs to be drawn. The stack of tabs on the table had our names on it and they were going to draw one at random by just picking a tab from the stack..

When it finally came time to draw one they grabbed a tab near the buttom....

It was blank.... 'Huh? Blank?' It appeared as if it was a wildcard type tab that voided the whole game. Not sure, but I was confused and walked up to search through the tabs for my name and finally found it....

At the absolute bottom. That's when I woke up.
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