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Author Topic: E-Mod 1.9 Developer's Edition  (Read 5519 times)


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E-Mod 1.9 Developer's Edition
« on: 2010-06-12, 12:51:25 »

E-Mod 1.9 DEVELOPERS EDITION (Assets and E-Mod 1.8 raw materials)

Author: Javokis (All spells (along with spell materials and particles), backbone, code, emod food),
   Other authors have contributed some materials in version 1.8
      Frost (clans and models)
      Dark Lobo (Clans)
      VPaine (Code assistance)
      Mordred (Emod Character Tool)
   Most Active Beta Testers from emod 1.8 days
      Dark Lobo

Thanks to all who assisted during emod 1.8 days.


NOTE: This mod is not for the end user and requires manual setup.

The executables must be placed into the Vampire The Masquerade - Redemption folder along with the Emod folder.

-Create a shortcut of your chosen executable (vampire_emod.exe (no cd) or vampire_emod_cd.exe (requires cd))
-In the shortcut properties add the target line -user Emod (you may also want console too so add -console)
-Run the shortcut and you can see what's been done with 1.9



This is a developers edition that assumes you have technical knowledge along with having looked over tutorials on how mods work for the Nod SDK. If there is a problem with the mod or doesn't look complete then fix it yourself. If a tutorial doesn't exist for what you want to do for emod 1.9 then make a tutorial request at forum, but be specific.


You may do with these assets as you please. You can use this developers edition to finish emod 1.9 or you may use its assets to build your own mod. I can't predict how long I'll be away, but I hope that I have presented enough tutorials on modding to encourage the community to TAKE INITIATIVE. The code for 1.9 is available in the NodSDKProjects eclipse workspace at's Open Nod Development section. If you look for it, you'll find it.

Good luck and Enjoy.

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Re: E-Mod 1.9 Developer's Edition
« Reply #1 on: 2010-06-12, 13:02:37 »

Wow, I was hoping to see this . . .

Javo ! its not my birthday but this is the best Present i could have received this year, i feel well paid after visiting the forum everyday in order to see something like this.

cheers for Javo,
I will be on this all day like Courtney Love on Cocaine

I just Tried it out, it was fantastic (phenomenal), quite a visual improvement.

I believe the skills that are not available are the ones that are still left to be done. Ill give them a try right away, ill see if i can grasp anything from emod, though i have to say Wodal was far Too easier.

Javokis Programming Language (wodal) is easier than Java Programming Language, Javo ! Java ! I wonder if there is any connection !  ??? anyway Thanks . . . Its something im gonna love dearly.
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