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Crash when Alt Tabbing


Never had this problem before, on my old video card. Upon upgrading to a 512mb 8400gs low profile I crash 85% of the time when alt tabbing, any idea what could be causing this?

Hey Tom.  This is a pretty common thing for new aged (sort of) video cards.  Im not sure about all the brands, but I do know geforce graphics cards have this issue.  I don't think there is a fix for the issue itself, (at least from my experiences with the issue over the years) but you can get around it.

What I do is run it in window mode by adding: -window  in the target line after -console in the properties of your vtmr icon you use.

This will most likely cause your in-game to be very dark, so turn the brightness up to max.  You should be able to alt-tab and all, but you will have to get use to the dark screen.


I used to have this prob with both ATI and Nvidia cards on XP but switching to Windows 7 allowed me to do it on either card.

Odd, i can do it on WinXP using ATi Radeon 9100 but not on nVidia GeForce 9800GT, and i remember not being able to alt tab either on Win7 x64 on both ATi and nVidia, all of a sudden i was able to do it on both GPU?s on Win7, quite odd...


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