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Author Topic: Adding sound to specific area  (Read 5102 times)


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Adding sound to specific area
« on: 2007-07-23, 14:02:10 »


How do I create an ambient sound that only plays within a certain area, and not the whole level? For example, a fire creating a crackling noise that can only be heard when standing right next to it. 


Basically, you have two choices for placing sounds other than in the scene editor, a point sound and a soundbox. Since you want a small, specific area sound you'll want to use the point sound, but let me first explain the difference.

A point sound is specific to the distances you enter in the min and max boxes in the Things & Templates editor, and will cross sector boundaries. A soundbox is specific to the sector it is in. It will be applied throughout that sector, but will not cross the sector boundary. Very useful if you want each different room in a map to have it's own music, for example.

To place either type of sound, right click in the 2D grid and select either soundbox or sound. Then, set the .mp3 to use in the thing & templates editor sound tab (NOTE: the dialog that appears when you hit "pick sound" will search for .wav files only... either type *.mp3 in the file box to search for .mp3s or, if you know the name of the file to use, just type it in the box and hit apply sound) and adjust the distance settings, and volume. Should do it :)

-- Bug2U 
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