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Greetings to all whom have bothered to read this post. Lets get down to it; as the name implies I'm nuts about Dracula and vampires(exept twilight). I'm 23, living in the States and need help. I'v owned Redemption since July 2000, but never knew it had mods untill late 2009. I'v downloaded quite afew and now I want to take the next step. My dream is to create my own original mod of Dracula's castle. The problem is I have no idea how to do it, I know nothing of modding or advanced computer techniques, so I guess that makes me an uber noob. I want to make my vision a reality. Can you help me out?

Eventually, I'll be getting around to big 0' modding and mapping tutorials. Till then, you'll have to check out the scattered bits of information that you find south of the forum. As well as the embedded video tutorial play list that's right up on the forum.

I started modding Redemption about three years ago.  Don't let the prospect of getting started intimidate you.    There is alot of helpful info on this site.  My advice to you would be to gather materials about Dracula's castle (photos or drawings, floor plans and dimensions) because that will make the process go much faster.  I also found the articles at Vampire Planet on modding with Embrace very helpful.  If you haven't read them yet, do so: http://www.planetvampire.com/tutorials/index.shtml


so were can i get embrace? I alredy tried PlanetVampire and the download link wont work.

Try the filefront link:



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