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[Video Tutorial] How to Make Single Player

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This tutorial will show how a chronicle can be ran in single player.


VERY interesting. In this way, you can play other people's chronicles even if you are alone. This will surely come useful for me, in the future. Thanks Javokis (I watched you on YT anyway :)).

Thanks for this very useful tutorial, Javokis! I have a plan to create a mortal chronicle in SP mod, so this tutorial is very useful to me.

Dear Javo!

In this great tutorial, you have used the file named as "classic_gigapack.not", it's clear, but this edited file where have been located? Basically, I consider this file would be in a single NOB file, in the compressed "resource.nob", but in this video, you have opened with NOT Editor this file without any problems, in spite of NOT Editor can't able to decompress any compressed file. Similarly, I also want to use a template of an actor from a NOT file, but I don't know where should be this template file placed. Should I put this NOT file into the "resource.nob" file in my default V:tM folder, or should I create my own directories under V:tM default folder or somewhere elsewhere?

The classic mega pack is not included with the game. So of course it's not in Resource.nob. It's include with MoTA. Specifically, it's located in MoTA_System.nob. I was kind of hoping that viewers would understand that I was working with mods.


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