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[Video Tutorial] Big o' Modding Tutorial


Check out my video on setting up eclipse here:


There are several video parts with more videos to come that cover building an actual java scripted mod from scratch. So far, I include the basic setup, 6 important file explanations (the first of many files that will be needed for a full blown mod), more about using eclipse for java scripting, setting up a basic backbone that involves creating custom damage rules, and testing the mod in the game.

More tutorials will include building new disciplines, particles, scripted items, and building single player scripts. Hopefully, I'll be able to tie this into a highly detailed video tutorial on embrace and building single player mods complete with scripted events and quests.

Part 1 covers initial setup up of a mod folder, extracting important files used to make new disciplines, particles effects, clans, icons, and treasure classes. The game.ndg, game.ndd, and game.ncd are explained in detail. The 3 files explained are about disciplines, discipline groups, and clans.


The effects.ned, game.npd, and are explained in Part 2. These files are about scripted effects and how they effect client synchronization, particle creation, and treasure classes.


Part 3 covers how to script effects in effects.ned using eclipse. So part 3 contains more about using eclipse.


Part 4 features creating a new effect in effects.ned and what that new effect is to do for the backbone. Also covers a bit about hex values and using a hex calculator. Part 4 also talks about the java API events that the Nod engine calls and how to use them on an effect script.


Part 5 finishes up on the part 3 and 4 process where it eventually covers testing the backbone in game. Provides a basic run down of a damage override script and how it'll work as an effect. Great for understanding how Wodal got started on adding pnp rules for damage.


thanks, I was looking for something like this for so long.
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This topic has been given a higher purpose. Look above for guidance. :D

Also check out the attachment on this topic here:

For a list of procedures the Nod engine calls to the Java API. The above Java Procedures topic was referenced in part 3 and 4 of the Making a Mod video tutorials.


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