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I decided to get Crysis Wars setup for modding and was able to start up on my house model again. I've been working on building my house in XSI Mod Tool and using the Crytek Plugin to get the model into Crysis. I had another version of the house, but I rebuilt it with more realistic scaling and will be doing a lot more detailing in this new version.

That's pretty, Javo.  I don't know anything about Crysis.  Is this another project for you or is this a step toward a new Redmption/Vampire-esq world built with these new tools?

Maybe both?

My original intent was to use this engine to build a new Redemption. But now I'm considering my own original ideas that may or may not be related to vampires. I can't give certainties at what is still an early stage learning experience. If anyone wants to use this engine to port over and create a total conversion mod, I'll provide what support I can. I won't be filling my plate up like I have before. I have canceled all of my other projects to learn CryEngine 2.

The new direction I'll be taking e-mods.net will be about CryEngine 2 and preparing for CryEngine 3. CryEngine 3 plans to come out in 2012 so I was considering holding off on any major projects till then. I'll keep the Redemption content up, but any CryEngine mods, maps, or assets may take priority when the time comes.

 I'll be compiling some useful URL's and YouTube videos that helped me transition to the Sandbox 2 editor sometime in the near future.  If I end up being the only one here transitioning then the likelihood of a vampire mod coming out will be zilch. I'm not going to make a vampire mod if there's no one around to take the initiative. Otherwise, I'll be building more manageable projects that only need one person to carry out.

As soon as he knows his way arround Cryengine, vampires will haunt Javo im sure of that... sooner or later he wont be able to resist vampire modding.

As soon as Javo learns to use whatever tools Cryengine uses and upload some small tuts for basic modelling stuff im moving too, his tuts are waaay too much easier to follow than what you can find available on the web, he makes tuts and learning much easier to understand.

Would be good to learn to Rig and weight on newer engines, good old days where you had to just asign a mesh to a bone and youre ready to go...

Also there no need for sorrow if Javo decides to abandon Vampire mods, i seen some cool vampires mod from other games... vampires are just too cool to be left out from cool games, soon or later someone will come up with something.


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