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Author Topic: Abstract Manor  (Read 3024 times)


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Abstract Manor
« on: 2009-05-24, 22:56:31 »

I had this dream about my sis and bro moving into a large house that could be a manor. The interior seemed strange and difficult to describe, but looking back I think each part of the manor was made up of my memories of other homes I once lived in or seen. Everywhere I turn the house looked different and inconsistent.

I remember carrying around my comforter looking for a place to sleep. There was a kitchen that seems to intersect with several rooms and hallways. One hallway led to a very small room. I think it was a laundry room, but I could see one side of the wall that looks like a bunk bed. I don't think I noticed any washers or dryers, but I did see a thumb tack on the right wall from the entrance where a bunch of baby flies were swarming around.

I figure the flies were nesting there and that made me rather uncomfortable. I tried laying down on... well I'm not entirely sure what I was laying on, but I was positioned on the entrance wall kitty-cornered from the fly nest around the thumb tack with the bunk beds on the opposite wall from me. Just as I was about to dose off I would hear the buzzing from the flies swooping in on me. This would occur several times before I decided to throw something at the thumb tack, but this only made them angry so I covered myself up with the comforter to protect myself from their attacks as I arose then proceeded out of the room. I figure I would look for some bug spray.

The time seemed to be approaching dawn, but it was still dark outside even though I could slightly see a light-reddish to purple to dark blue gradient horizon in the distance. I go to turn on a light in the kitchen, but there appears to be electrical issues throughout the manor. There were three light switches in a row upon a wall that was torn out to where the beam supports of the wall and the wiring of the switches can be seen. The wall was located between the kitchen entrance and an entrance to what looked to be main hall of the manor. When I flipped the center switch, the wires behind the switchbox began sparking as the kitchen light I was turning on began to flicker to life as it made electrical zapping noises.

I don't remember much behind that.
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