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Biker Bar Scene (Warm Up Haven)


This topic is a basic bar scene - haven used to warm up on your in character story telling. Feel free to enter and practice, but no "killing" other members here allowed. You are allowed to 'invent' npcs whom you may kill at your own leisure.


This is a biker bar out in the middle of nowhere. The bar is ran by a biker gang headed up by an ancient Gangrel known none other than 'Rainmoon'. The place is well protected even from Werewolves, consisting of silver barb wired fencing protecting the back of the building, as well as along side the roads. There are silver spike traps setup as well.

The wooden building is 2 stories tall and has a gas station in front - mainly used by the gang, but they allow passers by to exchange fuel for "blood", erm,  I mean cash.  On the first story, there is a "food" diner and poll hall. The diner does serve mortal food to the Blood Dolls as well as passers by. Rainmoon is the only vampire of the haven, the rest of the gang consists of enthralled ghouls and human initiates. The Blood Dolls are dancers and hookers who play on the second floor where the bar and dance floor is located. Usually at night, Rainmoon can be seen serving "drinks" at the bar. The second floor has a balcony that spans the length of the back of the building where road travelers cannot pry.

The place seems quite successful, sitting a long side a key highway. More like a fly trap than a biker bar, but don't let that scare you off. At least the food is fresh for mortal and kine alike.... enjoy your stay.

He came in, along a gust of wind, heavily draped in desert-ravaged cloth.  Dark-skinned, an athletic build, the eyes of a predator, he had the form of the ancient travellers who roamed the Sahara in search of those who needed their services.  As he strode in, the sound of clanking metal could be heard beneath his layered cloak.

A quick glance is given, and he takes his seat in a darkened corner.

Azrael of the Rose:

EDIT: fixed for because of Javo's description of the layout. oops.))

He was lost. He hated being lost. He was hungry. He hated being hungry. It was raining. Tomaz Lefent HATED rain.

"I HATE rain!" he mumbled to no one in particular.

The door stuck as he pushed it to open. Agitated, he put some of his preternatural strength into another push. The door flew open and slammed against the inner wall., drawing the attention of the other patrons and pulling a raised eyebrow from a couple of the Gangrel bouncers.  Tomaz put up his hands in a placating gesture. All Toreadors know better than to agitate a large group of the wild kindred. He shut the door carefully and shook the water from his fine leather jacket with a sigh. He hated rain.

Giving the doggie-style dry-off up as a bad job, he looked around furatively for the bar, and probably would've given that up and dispaired if not for the helpful upward-pointing hand gesture of one of the bouncers. He ambled up the stairs, giving their apparent guardian a charming smile, which was totally wasted on him. Still, he stepped aside for a fellow kindred, and Tomaz walked up the stairs, over to the bar.

He put on his most winningest face for the bartender and ordered a True Vampire. His sire always scoffed at this. Something about an old friend...

...whatever. His drink was up and he buried himself in it, trying hard to be inconspicuous and wondering what sort of trouble he was going to get into tonight, lost on some god forsaken highway, at some dive biker bar, nowhere close to completing the task set before him, in the freaking rain.

"Alexandre's gonna kill me..."

Further Description:

Anyone who looks at their surroundings may notice that the interior of this building is quite sturdy. The two-story building is actually built from very strong oak wood, finely burnished, and well insulated... a surprise to those expecting something more 'run down'. This is not your typical run of the mill Gangrel haven (slash) biker bar, this is a place where a Gangrel wants to be secure out in the middle of no where.

The rain may be pounding outside, but you could hardly tell within the confines of this building. There are Native American styled totem poll pillars, supporting the ceiling and the second floor. The second floor has an overlook gap down the center of the building allowing those to see who is on the first floor. There are stuffed trophies on the walls.

There are 2 poll tables on the first floor along with the diner. One of the tables is being played and money is used to keep the game interesting. The other table might be available for those wanting to start a separate game. Oddly enough, the bar is on the second floor so take the stairs. Across from the bar (on the second floor), there is a small stage for dancing and where bands can play. There is a band playing now.

Usually, only biker gang members are allowed upstairs in the bar. Blood dolls may follow. The gang bars the rest entry. But with a nod from Rainmoon, any vampire can access the second floor bar.

((I guess I could assume both of you are upstairs and were given the nod to pass. If you order a True Vampire then you're undeniably upstairs.))

A Homunculus enters the bar and asks the bartender if they have any grapes. The bartender replies, "No, we don't have any grapes here."

Disappointed by the bartender's reply, the little critter leaves empty-handed into the cold rainy night.


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