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Planet Vampire: The Final Nights


Azrael of the Rose:
Azrael's Journal

May 29th

It finally happened. The worst. We all scoffed and ignored the warning signs and look what its brought us? Fools. All of us.

When our fate became apparent, scattering was the only logical step.

Offkorn turned traitor, to nobody's great surprise, least of all my own; Moocha stayed behind, thinking to reason with our new "overlord", as if pretentious pigheadedness could be worked around; El Gostro retreated into his own mind, no difficult task for one such as him, and a reasonably safe tactic; Dante has withdrawn to the safety of his tower at PES, no doubt to plan some violent response to this turn of events; As for myself, Maria has joined with me as I journey now to the anonymity and relative safety of /b/ablyon...the plains of madness themselves. What images I shall witness there...it is too horrible to contemplate. But at least HE wont find me there.

where the others now walk I do not know...I have heard there is a gathering of sorts being staged at Javokis's castle at E-Mods...strange that he alone is also the only of our former justicairs to retain his office in the face of this...turn of events...perhaps I will pay them a visit as I make my way...


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