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Hello all,

I have just returned from a major break from playing Vampire: TM-R. I used to play the mac version so I was never on won.net, but now with Wine being ported to OS X and Vampire playing great through it, I have begun working on my mod once again. I was surprised to see that a community still existed for this game and that there were some pretty impressive mods being made.
My mod aims to be an authentic representation of the old WoD books just like Wodal does. So far it features every clan imaginable (currently very unbalanced disciplines!) along with slightly functional Garou, Magi, Wraiths, and one Hunter creed (Judge). I may upload some screenshots sometime if anyone is interested as well.
My mod will be featuring custom music and potentially dialogue as well. We're trying to make it an open-ended type of thing, we've begun expanding New York into a somewhat MMORPG type of chronicle. Experience points are not always rewarded for slaying things either, but if you slay a powerful vampire or a vozhd for example, you can earn 1-5 experience points. Completing quests and other tasks are how you earn points for the most part, just like in pnp.
Anyway, that's my introduction!

Welcome to emod. ;) Hope you stick around. I'll be interested to see what your final product looks like.


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