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I thought I would post a little bit about my vtmr gaming history.

I was actually introduced to vtmr from my brother.  He bought the game around the time it came out and I ended up playing it more than he did.  I remember staying up at night till around 4 AM flipping through my game manual reading up on the vampire clans.  After blowing through the Campaign mode, I started playing Multiplayer in the overpopulated "Newbies" room; mostly running through Curse the Darkness and Leaves of Three with a crowd of random players.  Eventually, I was introduced to a Role Playing guild called, "SoC" (Survivors of Cascadia).  I created a Brujah character and played with them regularly for several more years.

Eventually, a few players decided to break off and created a new chronicle called, "NoN" (Nights of New Orleans). I created a Giovanni character named "Jason Jindrax" who some of you might be familiar with from the NoN megapack. After a year or so, the game player base started to dwindle.  NoN tried to keep going by introducing the CoTD Mod and a new Role Playing system to try and keep players interested, though it did not succeed.  After NoN disbanded, I put the game down until 2005.

I randomly came across a small group of players that remained in the Won.net servers from time to time. We all decided to create a casual role playing chronicle called, "ICT" (Ice Cold Tears Chronicles) which is still in existence today hosting games on a weekly basis.  During all this time, I picked up some beginner talents in the NOT editor and Embrace.  In my free time I started working on altering current maps, weapons, and skins to fit into my group's games.

As of 2014, I have learned a lot more when it comes to modding the nod engine and have grown to enjoy doing so, as well as assisting the remaining community of this wonderful game with their game problems and projects, as well as try and dedicate myself as much as I can to the E-mods projects.  Though I do not actually "play" as much as I use to, I still try and hop in a game from time to time.


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