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Author Topic: Look ma, undead ^^  (Read 2813 times)


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Look ma, undead ^^
« on: 2006-07-28, 08:56:33 »

Weird dream. First thing I know, I'm walking from my old school with 2 bikes, 1 on each soulder. nexst thing I know I'm beeing followed by 2 persons and I think I said something like: Ohh your not gonne rob me. Nexst thing I know I'm at a shop fighting these 2 guys while swinging with my bikes.  o0"

Suddenly i have a blackout nad next thing I wake up in some kind of dusty bed. I look around and see that My skin is very blue like with lots of vains, and and I easely lost a few finger but they alwars seem to regrow and the ones falling off seem ot turn back and hten fade.

Forgot a part

I'm talking with some other undead and we seem to be in a sort of Sewer room like in the Turtles movie (the first). next thing I know some guy runs in screaming: RUN!? thier coming and we run into the large round rusted sewers and I see this guy.

yeah, too much hellsing, I know. Anyhow, as we exit the sewers we end in some kind of kanal that end up in the ocean. Theres a rusted tower in the mid of it and then I see my dream is a sort of cutscene. I hear some narrator say. What the hunter did not know was, that once eveery 2 hours, the hallways would closeoff and fill with water. I then see the hole we just jumped out close by some massive iron like gates and revet back to cinematic view and see the water rushing, I can see the hunter soldiers who were along with the heardhunter (picture). but the headhunter is no where to be seen. awyway, they get pooled immedialy by the large water stream to overwealms the tunnel (X-men 2 like).

After a while we end up swimmin in the water, I feel the need to breath, but something, seems I don't need it and its just a tought from my human live.

We swim to under the tower and seems theres a hole there, we swim in and we come into some kind of dark room with a few beds, a couple of tabled, but before I could see more my (own Image of my Malkavian vampire jumped in and killed my friends by ripping them apart with his own hads. When he saw me, he punched me into the wall and put his foot on my chest and wishpers in my ear: Lets kill em all, since the Devil won't take us, he is too scared of what we might do to him.

then its all black and somehow I feel William (my malkavian put his hand on my head and crush it. Nexst thing I see snakes and a skeleton head on a plate and thats when I woke up all sweaty.

Note: I aculy dreamed everything in my own language up untill the vampire part. And I just typed a few posts on the roleplay section when I want to sleep. Connected?


Note: The Malkavian in my dream behaviaus is kind of how Bloodywold should be in a real battle, should he every become stronger, wich he aint :-p
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