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Author Topic: E-Mod 1.8 Rune Combinations  (Read 9963 times)


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E-Mod 1.8 Rune Combinations
« on: 2008-12-28, 01:22:35 »

The combinations marked as DONE are available in E-Mod 1.8 while the others where planned for E-Mod 1.9.

Mind Control (Bind, Mind) - Acts like possession. Check Readme
Control Body (Bind, Body) - Makes the subject into a pet that will follow you for a short duration.
Alarm (Warn, Meta) - Creates the effect of the alarm spell. Check readme.
Ward (Protect, Meta) - Acts like the ward spell from the meta group. Check readme.
Protect Illusion (Protect, Illusion) - Provents the act of destroying an illusion by way of dispel illusion spell or combination.
Protect Undead (Protect, Death) - Makes an undead being invulnerable.
Protect Mind (Protect, Mind) - Increases wits and perception.
Protect Beast (Protect, Beast) - Increase a target animal or lupine's standard non-element defenses (norm, leth, aggr)
Protect Light (Protect, Light&Dark) - Provents a dispel on a light.
Protect Body (Protect, Body) - Makes you harder to hit by increasing you xdefense.
Purify Air (Protect, Air) - This can remove large gasping smoke from the air and if cast on runic fire it will intensify it.
Protect Earth (Protect, Earth) - Prevents runic earth from being dispeled.
Protect Water (Protect, Eater) - Prevents water from being dispeled.
Move Light (Move, Light&Dark) - Moves a magic light that was either created by a runic power or the light spell. This can also move the sunlight create by the sunlight spell.
Move Earth (Move, Earth) - Moves runic earth that was created by a runic spell.
Move Water (Move, Water) - Moves water that was created by runes.
Move Fire (Move, Fire) - It's like an improvised fireball. You can cast this just right on a runic flame to make it fly at someone.
Recovery (Strengthen, Meta) - Acts like recovery spell. Check readme.
Strengthen Body (Strengthen, Body) - Increases the power of attacks on you or your subject.
Art of Illusion (Knowledge, Illusion) - This is different than the Illusion and Creation version. I'll have to show you guys how this works in-game. It's sweet.
Magic Insight (Knowledge, Meta) - Can identify items, but can also tell you if a living subject has active upkeeps.
Plant Insight (Knowledge, Plant) - Tells you the height and radius in yards, feet, and inches of a plant (Trees, shrubs, ect).
Measurement (Knowledge, Earth) - It's back baby and in the form of a runic cast. W00t. Works the same as its obsolete spell counterpart of build 2.
Mind Insight (Knowledge, Mind) - Limited insight here people. Only gives you a few stats. Not near as powerful as its aura counterpart, but contains some other information that you may find useful.
Body Insight (Knowledge, Body) - Just like analyze, but only gives a few stats of the target. Analyze is its much more powerful counterpart.
Clarity (Heal, Beast) - Reduces the subject?s frenzy.
Serenity (Heal, Mind) - This will increase the subject's humanity. Unlike its Restore Humanity Spell counterpart THIS is the more powerful version.
Restoration (Heal, Body) ? Is a little slower than it's Heal counterpart, but a lot more flexible.
Empathy (Communicate, Mind) ? It?s used on a subject to make them change allegiance. NOTE: Your humanities need to be around the same.
Beast Talk (Communicate, Beast) - Used on lupines and animals this will change their allegiance.
Disrupt Magic (Destroy, Meta) - Closes a mana fissure and can also act like dispel magic. Check read me.
Destroy Plant (Destroy, Plant) - Returns the target plant life back to nature.
Dispel Illusion (Destroy, Illusion) - Acts just like Dispel Illusion spell. Check read me.
Darkness (Destroy, Light&Dark) - Removes an unprotected magic light.
Dispel Undead (Destroy, Undead) - Not even protection can stop this bugger from killing your zombies.
Destroy Food (Destroy, Food) - Ugh.... where's my vitae?
Harm (Destroy, Body) ? It will does damage to target being. Ouch. Armor does actually protect though and so does clan immunities.
Suffocation (Destroy, Air) - Cast on fire it will destroy it. If someone was using body of fire... ouch. On humans this will cause suffocation damage much like a harm combo. If someone is on fire it will put it out.
Create Sound (Create, Sound) - Create a distracting sound that causes ai's to go and investigate it. Its very useful for routing your stupid ai enemies to someplace else. The sound is minor so make sure the target point for your sound is close to the ai's you want to distract.
Create Illusion (Create, Illusion) - Offers the same thing as Create Illusion Spell, but this one is a little limited sense it has 1 min duration with no upkeep maintenance. Actually no runic power has upkeep maintenance.
Create Mana (Create, Meta) - Opens up a mana fissure in the ground permanently (well at least until someone uses disrupt magic combo). This is very spendy combo and is mostly useful for humans. When you stand in the mana fissure it will slowly restore you mana pool.
Create Plant (Create, Plant) - Well this is a tough one... not sure if I can explain it sense it's so complicated.
Create Food (Create, Food) - This will create blood pouches for vampires and rations for humans.
Create Beast (Create, Beast) - Much like Beast Call, but weaker sense it has duration limitations.
Create Undead (Create, Death) - Creates a weakling skeleton to distract enemies or terrorize peds.
Create Air (Create, Air) - This can move large masses of smoke or it can put a fire out. Creates the sound of wind. Could be useful for rp'ing.
Destroy Earth (Destroy, Earth) - This can be useless or very useful. This can kill a petrified subject or damage a body of stone subject or destroy runic earth. So you decide its use...
Destroy Water (Destroy, Water) - This can destroy runic water or remove frostbite (At the cost of damage to humans). This can also act like a blood loss to vampires sense blood consist of mostly water so when used on a vampire it will drain much of their blood. This will also kill petrified iced subjects and can heavily damage body of ice users.
Create Light (Create, Light&Darkn) - Acts like the Light spell, but without upkeep or duration. Thus this is the more superior version of the spell.
Create Earth (Create, Earth) - Create a boulder at target location. Only game play use I can think of is to use the boulders to block someone's path. Otherwise it's an rp effect.
Create Water (Create, Water) - Can be used to put out runic fires, but this results in a heavy amount of smoke. This could be useful if you're trying to make an escape and want to create a wall that none can see through. But the smoke is very heavy and can suffocate humans if they inhail it. Mostly an rp effect, but that smoke can be dangerous to non-vampires.
Protect Fire (Protect, Fire) - Prevents a fire from being put out by any thing other than st deletion.
Sooth Beast (Bind, Beast) ? It?s much more powerful actually than the Clarity combo.
Quell Beast (Strengthen, Beast) - There you go. Finally a good way to cause frenzy to any target... includes yourself.
Destroy Mind (Destroy, Mind) - Drops intelligence and wits.
Destroy Beast (Destroy, Beast) - Removes a vampire's frenzy (Could be useful) damages any lupine or animal and if they are summoned creatures they will be banished without contest.

Body of Water (Transform, Body, Water) ? Transforms the body into liquid.
Water Jet (Create, Move, Water) ? Spews water at the subject doing a bit of damage.
Loud Noise (Create, Strength, Sound) ? Creates a louder noise, which could scare those nearby.
Summon Spirit (Create, Strength, Death) ? Creates a harmless spirit.
Shrink (Weaken, Body, Transform) ? Shrinks ya down to size?. Look how tiny I am? hehe
Disrupt Lightning (Destroy, Bind, Air) ? Disrupts electrical discharges.
Majestic Presence (Strength, Bind, Mind) ? It?s like the ol? majesty power.
Blazing Zombie (Create, Fire, Death) ? Creates a flaming zombie. Does fire damage to subjects it feeds on.
Telekinesis (Move, Mind, Meta) ? Moves an item or weapon towards you. It?s great for stuff that?s out of reach.
Clean Air (Destroy, Air, Death) ? Removes poisons from the air.
Wind Jet (Create, Move, Air) ? A powerful wind will blow subjects away.
Shield (Strength, Protect, Body) ? Will increase the overall soak of the subject.
Sunburst (Create, Strength. Light&Dark) ? Will create a bright flash of light.
Vacuum (Destroy, Strength, Air) ? Pulls subjects near a position. Damages them.
Earth Vision (Communicate, Know, Earth) ? All inanimate objects will glow for a second. This could reveal secret passages in the walls or objects that can be taken.
Sense Life (Communicate, Know, Air) ? The air will tell who breathes it.
Life Tap (Communicate, Body, Death) ? This is the more powerful version of the spell. Sense it uses no upkeep it won?t suffer from loss of concentration. It?s more expensive to cast though.
Invoke (Warn, Communicate, Mind) ? Causes npc?s to attack you.
Life Shield (Communicate, Heal, Body) ? It?s much like the Healing group version, but without the upkeep requirement. It?s more expensive to cast though.
Weaken (Destroy, Move, Body) ? Slows the subject down.
Entombment (Bind, Move, Earth) ? Devours the subject beneath the Earth. Same as it?s spell counterpart.
Restore (Transform, Heal, Earth) ? This will remove rust off of certain items/weapons.
Forge (Transform, Strengthen, Earth) ? This is used to enhance or upgrade weapons.
Track (Warn, Communicate, Body) ? It?s used to constantly tell where the subject is if they are in danger.
Telekinesis (Bind, Move, Meta) ? This can be used to trigger switches, doors, or other objects that can be manipulated at a distance. (Dark Lobo?s Idea) This can also be used to move items around. ?Death wants.
Ice Slick (Create, Bind, Water) ? It?s the same as bloody?s Ground of Freezing idea.
Melt Ice (Destroy, Bind, Water) - Destroys a Ice Slick or can kill someone petrified into ice or harm ice bodies.
Vise Versa (Transform, Move, Body) ? Bloody?s Switch idea.
Dark Cloud (Transform, Air, Light/Dark) ? It?s Bloody?s Dark Void idea.
Loyalty (Strengthen, Communicate, Mind) ? It?s like loyalty. This will last until subject dies and it has no upkeep costs.
Enslave (Strengthen, Bind, Mind) ? It?s the enslavement spell in the form of runic cast.
Magic Missile (Create, Move, Meta) ? Creates a magic missile that?ll track it?s target.
Body of Wood (Transform, Body, Plant) ? Turns your flesh into wood.
Thorn Missiles (Create, Move, Plant) ? Shoots thorn missiles at target location.

Beast Claws (Transform, Body, Beast) ? It gives beast claws.

Myst Form (Transform, Body, Air) - I like this one. Turns your body into air and allows you to pass through objects.
Petrify Earth (Transform, Earth, Plant) - Turns ANY inanimate object into stone... you can even use this on exits or pivot doors or what ever even items (ack... my sword.... whaaa!!). Can be most useful and neat. This can be used to undo petrify as well so don't panic!!
Haven Portal (Create, Protect, Portal) - Yes we have a new RUNE... it's not futhark, but an unknown language. This creates our old pal Haven Portal.
Blink Portal (Create, Move, Portal) - Here's that new bugger I was talking about. Those neat little portals that can be made ANYWHERE!! w00t.
Vault Portal (Create, Bind, Portal) - Just thought I would make this out of convenience. Cast on a target player (or yourself) to activate their (or your) vault.
Fireball (Create, Move, Fire) ? Creates a fireball to hurl at subject.
Enlarge (Strengthen, Transform, Body) - This will increase power and make you bigger. Gona want to see if this works for clients...
Protect Portal (Protect, Meta, Portal) - This will protect a portal from being destroyed by the Destroy Portal combo. NOTE: WILL NOT PROTECT AGAINST ST DELETION.
Destroy Portal (Destroy, Meta, Portal) - Does what it says. Can destroy portals, but not vortexes.
Celerity (Strengthen, Body, Move) ? Ads Haste and Great Haste on for 1-minute.
Water Spurt (Create, Strengthen, Water) - Creates a large spray of water from the ground.
Stone Body (Transform, Body, Earth) - Same as the Earth Elemental group. Only lasts a minute.
Fire Body (Transform, Body, Fire) - Same as Fire Elemental Group. Only 1 minute duration.
Invisibility (Transform, Body, Light&Dark) - Makes you invisible for 1 minute.
See Invisible (Know, Body, Light&Dark) - Allows you to see invisible for 1 minute.
Divination: Pyromancy (Know, Meta, Fire) - Divination power. Use it on runic flames to gain experience. NOTE: This should be regulated by the ST sense this also allows the player to gain knowledge about a question. The st command console can in fact turn off the experience gain.
Divination: Hydromancy (Know, Meta, Water) - Divination Power. Used on runic water to gain exp.
Divination: Aeromancy (Know, Meta, Air) - Divination Power. This one is much more powerful and can only be used on some chronicles that support it. It looks up a new location flag by Emod that's all I'll say. Very strict sense it requires you to be outside where the wind blows stronger. Like I said it requires supported chronicles.
Divination: Astrology (Know, Meta, Light&Dark) ? It?s the highest and yet strictest of them all. Requires supported chronicles configured for starry night flag locations.

Repel (Protect, Move, Strengthen, Body) ? Repels all nearby enemies. *
Summon Magi (Create, Magic, Mind, Body) ? Summons a soulless mage to assist you.
Drain Mana (Destroy, Bind, Transform, Magic) ? Drains magic from individual.
Ritual Tap (Transform, Bind, Mind, Magic) ? Transfers the next spell you cast to the target.
Lightning Bolt (Create, Bind, Move, Air) ? Creates a lightning bolt that will fire at target location.
Discharger (Create, Strengthen, Bind, Air) ? Creates a localized position of electrical discharges.
Petrify Flesh (Transform, Bind, Body, Earth) - Petrifies the flesh or reverses petrifaction.
Sonic Boom (Create, Strength, Bind, Sound) ? Creates a loud sonic boom that?ll stun all those around it.
Poison (Harm, Body, Water, Death) ? Poisons the subject. This is a magical poison which there?s no immunity.
Banish Souls (Destroy, Bind, Strength, Death) ? Banishes nearby spirits.
Wind Cutter (Create, Move, Transform, Wind) ? Creates a sharp form of compressed air and hurls it at target.
Siphon Fangs (Strength, Body, Death, Food) ? Cast on a vampire to accelerate their feed rate for a duration.
Blight (Destroy, Heal, Body, Death) ? Not to be confused with the other version this one is used to stop the regeneration (if active) of any subject.
Suspend (Bind, Heal, Move, Body) ? Suspends the subject while making them impervious to attacks.
Vitae (Create, Transform, Body, Food) ? If it?s casts on a vampire it?ll create kindred vitae. If the vampire is old (gen 6 or below) it?ll create Elder Vitae. If used on Generation 1 vampires it?ll create antediluvian vitae. If it?s casts on Lupines it?ll create Werewolf vitae and if casts on humans it?ll create normal vitae. The caster only spends for the amount of runes used while most of the blood is expended from the subject. The caster MUST have an empty vitae bottle in their inventory for this spell to work.
Fire Golem (Create, Mind, Body, Fire) ? Just like its counterpart, but without upkeep or duration. Lasts till destroyed.
Earth Golem (Create, Mind, Body, Earth) ? Just like its counterpart with rules stated above.
Water Golem (Create, Mind, Body, Water) ? Creates a water golem.
Air Golem (Create, Mind, Body, Air) ? Creates an air golem.
Wood Golem (Create, Mind, Body, Plant) ? Creates a wooden golem.
Projection (Know, Warn, Communicate, Mind) ? Shows you all hostile beings near target position.
Disrupt Vortex (Destroy, Bind, Move, Portal) ? Disrupts vortexes.
Body of Steel (Strengthen, Transform, Body, Earth) ? Transforms your body into hard steel.
Scry-Guard (Strengthen, Protect, Know, Mind) ? Same as its Meta group counter part.
Pollen Cloud (Create, Strength, Air, Plant) ? Creates a cloud of heavy pollen, which will cause those who enter to sneeze.
Clear Pollen (Destroy, Strength, Air, Plant) ? Clears pollen in the air.
Petrify to Wood (Bind, Transform, Body, Plant) ? Petrifies subject into wood.
Tremor (Strength, Bind, Move, Earth) ? Causes the ground beneath the target to shake causing damage to subject.
Quick Sand (Bind, Move, Destroy, Earth) ? Makes the ground extremely soft to the point where those that walk on it will sink within.
Ice Touch (Create, Bind, Body, Water) - Turns your hands into cold and the next time you attack you?ll do ice damage for as long as you maintain grip.
Burning Touch (Create, Bind, Body, Fire) - Turns your hands into burning heat and the next time you attack you?ll do fire damage for as long as you maintain grip.
Burning Death (Transform, Body, Fire, Death) ? Burns the subject from within till they die.
Petrify to Ice (Transform, Bind, Body, Water) ? Petrifies flesh to ice.

Shadow Dome (Create, Bind, Protect, Light/Dark) ? Creates a dome of pitch black around target location.
Light Beam (Create, Bind, Move, Light/Dark) ? Fires a beam of light same as Sunbolt.
Ice Daggers (Create, Move, Bind, Water) ? Creates ice daggers and hurls them at target location.
Explosive Fireball (Create, Strengthen, Move, Fire) ? Creates explosive fireball to hurl at subject.
Freeze (Transform, Bind, Water, Meta) ? Transforms water into ice. Can be used to reverse effect.
Smoke (Create, Transform, Air, Fire) ? Creates a large cloud of smoke. Non-Vampires could suffocate in it.
Windstorm (Create, Strengthen, Bind, Air) ? Creates a strong windstorm. Anyone caught within it will have impaired movement.
Lure Circle (Create, Bind, Mind, Meta) ? Creates a location that when entered the subject will not be able to travel far from it. They will be willed to stay near it.
Hold Fast (Strength, Bind, Move, Body) ? Causes subject to be unable to move, but will be impervious to knock back. The subject can still cast spells and even attack at range, but can?t move from position.
Repel Spirits (Communicate, Warn, Bind, Death) ? Causes all nearby spirits to turn away from the area.
Decay (Destroy, Transform, Body, Death) ? Slowly weakens the subject with terrible illness.
Steal Mind (Bind, Transform, Mind, Death) ? Used to drain the subject?s mental stats while increasing yours.
Beast Form (Strengthen, Transform, Body, Beast) - You heard me. What?s awesome about this one is you can cast it on others and have them shape shift into YOUR CLAN FORM. Can be used to reverse effect. ?Made into 4-rune combo.

Ice Form (Transform, Body, Bind, Water) - Same as the Ice Elemental group. 1-minute duration.
Rain Cloud (Create, Strengthen, Water, Air) - Creates a cool rain cloud. This cloud WILL do damage to those who use flame forms, but it will also put someone who is on fire out.
Clear Rain (Destroy, Strengthen, Water, Air) - Disrupts a rain cloud.
Tornado (Create, Strengthen, Move, Air) - Creates a tornado that can really make someone's day. Well you try it out and see.
Disrupt Tornado (Destory, Strenthen, Move, Air) - Destroys a tornado.
Resurrection (Strengthen, Heal, Body, Mind) - Revives the dead back to life.

Splash Sphere (Create, Strength, Move, Bind, Water) ? Creates a sphere that will explode water.
Lightning Sphere (Create, Strength, Move, Bind, Air) ? This will create a sphere of lightning which will explode with electric discharge on impact.
Clones (Create, Protect, Move, Body, Meta) - Creates clones of yourself that will surround and protect you.
Weaken Mana (Destroy, Bind, Strengthen, Transform, Magic) ? Disrupts all spell casting for a short duration.
Body of Shadow (Destroy, Bind, Transform, Body, Light&Darkness) ? Transforms the body into a dark 2d figure.
Poison Cloud (Create, Bind, Transform, Air, Death) ? Creates a poison cloud.
Intel (Warn, Communicate, Know, Mind, Body) ? Used on subject it?ll give them information about anyone who attacks them.
Phantom (Create, Bind, Move, Earth, Meta) ? Cast on a weapon it will move and attack foes as if there is an invisible warrior wielding it.
Spiritual Theft (Create, Bind, Move, Strength, Death) ? Cast on subject their weapon in hand will be whisked away by strange thieving spirits. ?Death wants to do this
Zigzag (Create, Bind, Move, Body, Portal) ? It?s like blink, but leaves a temporary image of your former self.
Lightning Golem (Create, Bind, Mind, Body, Air) ? Creates a lightning golem.
Ice Golem (Create, Bind, Mind, Body, Water) ? Creates an Ice Golem.
Petrify to Steel (Bind, Strengthen, Transform, Body, Earth) ? Petrifies subject into steel.
Immurement (Bind, Strengthen, Transform, Plant, Death) ? Makes a plant envelop those who near it. Plant has to be larger than the subject otherwise it won?t do anything.
Volcano (Create, Strengthen, Move, Fire, Earth) ? Creates a volcanic spew of lava from target location.
Rain of Fire (Create, Move, Strength, Fire, Air) ? Short of being meteor this spell drips waves of fire to the earth.
Call Lightning (Create, Strengthen, Transform, Bind, Air) ? Creates a powerful and large bolt of lightning that strikes the ground damaging all those near it.
Acid Rain (Create, Transform, Air, Water, Earth) ? Creates a cloud of corrosive rain.
Missile Shield (Protect, Move, Bind, Body, Meta) ? Repels missiles. This will not stop bullets though.
Awaken Shadow (Create, Bind, Transform, Death, Light/Dark) ? Casts on subject it will cause their shadow to be possessed by an evil spirit to attack him/her.

Echoes of the Past (Know, Warn, Communicate, Mind, Meta) ? If there is history on an object or location it shall be revealed. This will normally only have rp use, but it will be done in a manner that can be used to trigger scenes in scripted chronicles there?s project potential here.

Fire Enchantment (Create, Transform, Fire, Meta, Earth) - Enchants an item with flame.
Explosion (Create, Strengthen, Bind, Meta, Fire) - Creates a massive explosion.
Blizzard Storm (Create, Strengthen, Bind, Water, Air) - Creates a freezing blizzard strom... very pretty.
Disrupt Storm (Destory, Strengthen, Bind, Water, Air) - Disrupts a Blizzard storm.

Demonic Shadow (Destroy, Bind, Transform, Light&Darkness, Body, Death) ? Creates a shadow creature.
Shape Flesh (Strengthen, Transform, Bind, Body, Death, Beast) ? Transforms the subject into a flesh golem.
Poison Enchantment (Create, Transform, Earth, Water, Death, Magic) ? It adds poison enchantment to weapon.
Clan Disguise (Bind, Transform, Communication, Knowledge, Mind, Body) ? Sets your clan to that of the target.
Zero Point Magic (Destroy, Communication, Control, Knowledge, Mind, Meta) ? Disrupts all spell casting for a duration.
Vortex (Create, Bind, Move, Portal, Destroy, Air) ? Creates a powerful vortex that will send players to random locations on map. If npc?s or objects of other kinds are sucked in it?ll destroy em?. ?Frost?s Idea
Conduit (Create, Protect, Move, Bind, Body, Air) ? Channels the power of lightning on all enemies who surround the target area.
Acid Ball (Create, Move, Transform, Air, Water, Earth) ? Creates a ball of acid to hurl at target location.

Tornado Form (Create, Transform, Strengthen, Move, Body, Air) ? Transforms the subject into a tornado. They will move around throwing anyone caught in his/her wake.


Ice Enchantment (Create, Transform, Bind, Water, Meta, Earth) - Enchants an item with Ice.
Lightning Enchantment (Create, Transform, Bind, Air, Meta, Earth) - Enchants an item with lightning.


Theft of Spirit (Transform, Strengthen, Knowledge, Destroy, Body, Undead, Meta) - Kills target instantly and takes their discipline knowledge.
Sacrificial Cause (Strengthen, Transform, Heal, Death, Body, Mind, Magic) ? Sacrifices yourself to save all allies nearby you.
Golem of Ages (Create, Mind, Body, Fire, Water, Earth, Air) ? Creates a powerful Golem that will aid you with the elements.
Create Life (Create, Strength, Heal, Mind, Body, Water, Meta) ? Creates a living subject of flesh and bone who obtains all of your powers and stats.
Foresight (Strengthen, Knowledge, Warn, Communicate, Mind, Body, Meta) ? Constantly tells you who?s all at your location and what they are doing.
Hell?s Fissure (Destroy, Bind, Strength, Fire, Death, Earth, Portal) ? It splits the ground. Anyone that enters it will fall within and be destroyed.
Homunculus (Create, Transform, Bind, Protect, Death, Body, Water) ? Creates a container of your heart that is linked to you. You are invincible and un-aging for as long as your homunculus is safe.


Orb of Fire (Create, Strength, Knowledge, Communicate, Mind, Meta, Fire) ? Creates a powerful orb that can protect its allies or destroy its enemies.
Orb of Ice (Create, Strength, Knowledge, Communicate, Mind, Meta, Ice) ? Creates a powerful orb that can protect its allies or destroy its enemies.
Orb of Lightning (Create, Strength, Knowledge, Communicate, Mind, Meta, Air) ? Creates a powerful orb that can protect its allies and destroy its enemies.
Orb of Earth (Create, Strength, Knowledge, Communicate, Mind, Meta, Earth) ? Creates a powerful orb that can protect its allies or destroy its enemies.

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Re: E-Mod 1.8 Rune Combinations
« Reply #1 on: 2009-03-12, 09:31:19 »

Wow, do you actually plan to work on 1.09?? that would be great!
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Re: E-Mod 1.8 Rune Combinations
« Reply #2 on: 2009-03-12, 11:52:05 »

I'm not sure what I'll do with E-Mod. I do know that I want to make Mage: The Ascension programming for Wodal 0.5a.

Mage functions a lot like the Rune system in that you activate the various nodes then you have access to rotes based on the activated nodes. What I have planned for Wodal will make these runes pale in comparison. Imagine being able to create your own rotes and setup what nodes are needed to access those rotes. Adding rune spells to E-Mod 1.8 is a rather difficult process, unlike what I can do with Wodal.
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Re: E-Mod 1.8 Rune Combinations
« Reply #3 on: 2009-04-01, 11:11:32 »

Lets go for 1.09! or at least a 1.08B? haha... give us more Runes, Clans and disciplines for emod! or make it easier to mod ourselves...
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Re: E-Mod 1.8 Rune Combinations
« Reply #4 on: 2009-04-01, 13:41:36 »

 the idea for Mage: The Ascention sounds interesting

Btw any plans for an Online test/Chronicle of the new WoDal this weekend?
« Last Edit: 2009-04-01, 13:53:16 by ORI »


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Re: E-Mod 1.8 Rune Combinations
« Reply #5 on: 2009-04-03, 22:43:16 »

I can be off and on hamachi all this weekend. I'm usually on AoRMod and am on

WodalMod Channel

password is either wod or wodal (no caps).

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Re: E-Mod 1.8 Rune Combinations
« Reply #6 on: 2010-01-20, 06:55:40 »

Im really waiting for 1.9 . . . I hope is out anytime soon.
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