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Author Topic: Christof in the Gym with Jill Taylor  (Read 3208 times)


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Christof in the Gym with Jill Taylor
« on: 2008-06-07, 19:49:15 »

I've been spending waaaay too much time with this game, I think.

I saw an old episode of Home Improvement the other night where the wife (Jill) was in a gym and ran into this guy.

I had a dream Christof was in the same gym lifting weights - ridiculous ones like in an old cartoon due to Potence.  He was talking to Jill and she was asking him about being a vampire and if lifting weights actually did any good.  They were just kind of talking about it, then the gym manager stepped in and started trying to bully Christof to prove himself or something.  Christof didn't want to get into a fight with a human.

No idea how it turned out since I woke up at that point.  Probably would have ended up a flatten gym manager.  Never annoy a Wookie or a Brujah.

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