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Author Topic: The Stem of Pain  (Read 3080 times)


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The Stem of Pain
« on: 2007-12-07, 16:17:30 »

I was sleeping in a bed along side a woman I don't recognize. The room was very small, like a room from a small trailer. The room was only big enough for a double size bed and little else. There was a built-in shelf and closet at the head of the bed and some clothes were strung out in the corners of the room. A hallow nightly gloom emitting from the window was our only light. The moon was bright, bright enough to illuminate the room as if it were approaching dawn.

The woman and I were talking, arguing about something I don't remember much about. She was wearing a sensual outfit like something out of Victoria's Secret, consisting of a brae and a thong. She was beautiful, but I don't recall looking at her face. All I know is she was a slender brunette. My perspective kept changing between us, showing her feelings towards me as I spoke. She only wanted me to cuddle with her, but instead I wanted to talk about something that annoyed her.  Eventually I cuddled up, but only for a short while.

I felt uncomfortable around her and wanted to leave the room. I arose out of the bed and walked out only to become disoriented shortly afterwards. I found myself in a hallway with several doors on both sides. I no longer remember what room I came from. I went from room to room trying to find where the woman slept. All the rooms looked the same with some rooms closed and others still open, emitting the bright nightly gloom from their windows through their doorways and into the hallway. There may have been at least 10 rooms, 5 rooms on each side of the hallway. One of the rooms had the bed where we slept, but she was not in bed. I looked into another room where there was no bed, only garbage and clothes strung about. The room was cluttered, but not completely. Most of the garbage was brushed up into the corners of the room. I found her here standing around. I know not what she was doing, but I know that I felt the urge to clean the room.

I noticed empty banana peels on the floor. I went to pick them up when I noticed some kind of strange stringy plant-like thing was growing off of the stems of the banana peels. I picked up several of the peels then she came up to me to take a couple of them off my hands. I looked at her as she walked out of the room with a couple of the banana peels. Once she was gone, I looked down at the left over peel in the palm of my hand and noticed worms latching on to my wrist. They were coming out of the stringy plant-like thing growing out the peel's stem that has now wrapped itself around my hand. I tried picking it off, but the process was difficult and the worms were hurting my wrist. My wrist was slowly being covered in some kind of rust colored dirty substance. I didn't know what to do; picking them off didn't seem to be working well.  I finally woke up to find my hand had fallen asleep... painful.
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