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Author Topic: A Vision of Outer World  (Read 2907 times)


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A Vision of Outer World
« on: 2007-11-10, 12:32:14 »

I'm still having trouble remembering dreams after awakening, but I do remember the last part of one dream I had last night. I was standing on a baron land of a world with similar dark colors to that of Mars. The land was flat desert like terrain with many large boulders scattered everywhere for as far as the eye can see. The boulders were no larger than waste height so none of them obstructed my view of what was going on in the horizon a great distance away. There was a massive emittion of lights and energy coming out of what appeared to be a large canyon ahead. The lights would constantly change shape and color as the canyon appears to change shape. The sight was difficult to make out since the lights and energies blurs the canyon in the horizon. I can't tell if the canyon was actually changing shape or the energies in the distance were merely distorting horizon.

I felt the need to run towards the emitting energy, to run towards the canyon. I was with someone else and we ran together, but I barely ran 20 meters before the ground in front of me burst forth as if a grenade went off. Some kind of creature was attempting to emerge from the ground and grab me, but I jumped on one of the boulders. At this point I knew I could not make it any further before I awaken. I knew this was a dream at this point and have no time to dream it any longer so I woke up.

The dream was quite a sight. I know there was much more to it prior to reaching this point, but I only remember tarnished images of what looks to have been a much longer dream. If only I could remember the rest prior to this scene...
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