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Nickname : ORi

Real Name : Ori

Intro to computers and CG :Always loved drawing with styles and subject varying over the years , I bought a computer fairly late at life compare to people nowdays , The first game I bought was Warcraft II:Tides of Darkness and fell in love with the artwork and dark medieval style and feel the game had (Many years before they ruined it in WarIII) was a novice so I didnt know how to properly setup my sound when I started and the game soon helped me learn english and expand my vocabulary, Later on around the age of 15-16 I got into the whole internet scene with DF II: JK  doing skins and even some models for a medieval fantasy mod, it was during the start of 3d gaming so everything was low res, Was also doing some random CG stuff with Paint Shop Pro and so on.

Intro to VTMR :A while after, I think around 17 I recieved my copy of Redemption, I wasnt so much into vampire and had no idea what Vampire The Maquerade was about before I got the game, I played Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and Diablo, liked them very much and Redemption seemed like a solid game so when asked what I wanted as a gift from abroad I asked for Redemption and was very positivly surprised by the game experience and its theme(Even found myself starting to speak in that medieval style when I was talking english)

Knew little about VTM the P&P game back then it was all so mysterious to me, My introduction to that part came when I started to play Redemption on Multiplayer and I entered a MD Chronicle with a Cappdocian character, It was so frowned upon I laugh when I remember it, but thats how I first met the P&P players and learned more about P&P, RPing with these people regulary on and off over some time until Redemtion entered Torpor and everyone moved to other things.

After VTMR entering torpor for the first time: I moved to Basic Training and doing my 2 years Electronics degree studies(A profession I later learned im not  that passionate about) , followed by 3 more years of army service (mandatory) to a total of something like 5 years, sure I was home some of the weekends but barely enough time to do everything I wanted to do while home.

When I came back redemtion multiplayer was pretty much dead ( except some solitary CK games maybe and some Psuedo RPs that are no where near to what once was) .

Did a bunch of stuff since then, went Abroad, jobs and long story short, now im back to try to Redeem myself again and Ill probably be gone again next month cause I will  begin on the new direction of CG studies..

Present day:  My CG studies(Animation and Imaging) worked out great, im now in my 2nd year and I even get to RP every once in a while (mostly a guest appearance) with my current VTMR pack of players who are really good RPers.
Interesting that the practice of playing multiplayer P&P VTMR proved valueable helping me with writing plots, character and even acting in movies(we study alongside the film school students so we learn cinema as well and I did a lead role :)) so I consider it a learning experience , more than just another PC game even if I cant really talk about it with anyone.

Sadly as my skills with 3d, Animation and AFX grows I find less and less time to meddle with game engines and even though I am in studies and have freedom to choice for the  subject of my movies/animations for the most parts,  I know I would never be allowed to make a movie or animation about this dark dark roleplaying game and its unique feel.

Updated :P


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