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Author Topic: PASS Blend Mode Notes  (Read 4479 times)


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PASS Blend Mode Notes
« on: 2007-12-03, 11:18:27 »

Below is a list of pass parameters that I have experimented with. I'll put them in context later on. I just wanted to list them now so I may clean up my HD.

Pass Params Notes on :

undefined - crashes DO NOT USE!
sky - interesting, no texture, no reflextion
clearbuffer - no texture in reflection
rgb - no reflection
rgba - some reflection
rgb_texalpha - no reflection
rgba_texalpha - same as rgba
rgb_addvert - full white glow
fullmodulate - darkened reflection
fullbright - no reflection
rgb_add - brightened reflection
screenpoly - no texture, no reflection, but seen through walls.
rgb_decal - no texture, no reflection
glow - reflection, no texture, but seen through walls.
rgb_masked - texture, but no reflection
maskedwall - textured, no reflextion, but weird lightmap problems.
maskedlightmap - much like clearbuffer
addparticle - textured, bright reflection
subparticle - reflextion only, no texture
blendparticle - reflection, but no texture
addbeam - textured, bright reflection
lightmappedwall - light mapping works, but is buggy. No reflection
lightmap - loss of detail, no reflection, fullbright effect.
lightmapadd - same as above, but reflections work.
maskedwallrgb - no reflection.
rgb2sided - no reflection
full_texalpha - fullbright, no reflections
full_texalpha_add - fullbright, no texture
full_addconstant - blindingly bright, no texture or reflection, full light glow
lightblob - bright reflection, no texture.
shadow - dark reflection, no texture
zonly - full reflection, no texture
alphalightmapped - reflections and texture, but buggy lightmap.
addlightmapped - bright reflection, buggy lightmap.
detailmodulate - dark textured reflection.
solidglow - full bright reflection.
outline - completely white glow.
saturate_decal - dark reflection, no texture.
rgb_modplusdest - dark reflection, no texture on non-reflections.
full_modplusdest - bright reflection, no texture on non-reflections.
lightmap_mod - loss of texture detail, reflections are dark.
full_add - textured and fulbright with reflections.
lightvolume - same as above.
full_sub - realy dark reflection (darkest yet). no texture on non-reflections.
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Re: Pass Notes
« Reply #1 on: 2008-12-31, 02:36:29 »

To clarify what these pass notes are referring to, you'll need to check out this link:

In the above link is the official documentation on nam files, but under the PASS Blend Modes, they seem to have copy/pasted the Surface sounds by mistake. So the above list was intended to fill in those PASS Blend Modes though I have only tested these pass modes on the reflective surface texture used by Orsi' Mansion to see which ones keep reflections. I'm curious to see how these work as a shell.

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