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Author Topic: Funky Siress  (Read 2804 times)

El Gostro

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Funky Siress
« on: 2007-08-16, 21:49:25 »

Bout a week ago I swam once more unknowingly in morpheus's realm.

In a party curious and byzarre as normality in the parallel world of the unconcious deems,I  found myself assisting a rather drunken and/or intoxicated lady of ivory skin,crimson hair in spiral locks,and blood red leather uncomfortable combination of leather and silk imitation.

As I had no vehicle,the ambient shifted towards my chamber and to let her lie in my uncomfortable bunk seemed the best option while I decided to drink some blessed coffee.
To her senses,mildly that is,she seemed to come while I sat in a chair thinking of infinity and what could beyond...

Smiling she sat on my minuscule repository and spoke
-Thanks for helping me...
-Hehs,No problem,I guess
Replied I while drinking my concotion
-I want to thank you
-Erhm,that's gr-?

-By giving you a massage!you look tense!

-Oooohkeeys! (damn?)

As per her request I lied on the bed giving my back to her,she pressed her soft fingers over my shoulder blades.
Her woodland laughter I did not mind much since to her uncoventional nature I was accustomed by now...that is until I felt a profound and hard bite at the right base of my neck.
As my flesh was pierced and unwoven by what I can only imagine as a massive maw my scream of pain soon turned into hysterical laughter,the pain was nothing!She was nothing!All was nothing!And in pain and despair I would revel...!

And then I woke up with one of my worse cases of stiff neck to date,turns out I sorta locked my head against one of the corners of the bed and spent there all night with my neck twisted...

I could only curse my luck...  :P

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