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I guess I'll start with my history with the game.

I have been with the Vampire the Masquerade - Redemption community for a very long time now. I recall buying this game in 2000 as a birthday present to myself (early October), which was around a month after its launch, and I have been using my original copy ever sense. I have been reformatting, changing computers, and re-installing VTMR countless times. I can almost recall my serial number from the top of my head.

My History with Redemption

When I first bought the game I was on a Compaq computer that struggles to stay up-to-date. After only a couple of months of playing Redemption online, I had bought a dsl router. Unfortunately, the WON network did not like my router's current security settings and I knew little of computers back then so I didn't know how to fix it. For at least 7 months I was out of the game because WON wouldn't let me play so thus I spent most of my time in the shadows of the game lobbies, while finding some other way to particapate in the community so I started modding during that 7 month blackout. I found that I had a love for creating maps and became attached to the Embrace map editor for Redemption. For the past 7 years I used embrace to make some fairly known maps like:

Soulandria (Originally known as Sky Haven)
New Soulandria
Rainmoon's Inn
Small Town by Day, Night, and Storm (Appearantly the Wod Mod team's favorite back then)
Resident Evil Mansion Hall (Which prompted others to make their own attempt at an RE Mod)
Vienna by Day
Resident Evil Mansion (Alpha)
Cabin by Day (My failure long lost to the ages)
Last Stand
2 Tower (Capture the Flag)
Club Abla
Sodry Mansion

When I started on E-Mods back in mid 2001, I had sense gone through several hostings by a lot of oldbie names here in the community. One after the other had ended for one reason or another till I had finally found at least two places that help host my content with a lasting longivity - Planet Vampire and Acenet (where this forum resides). The Planet Vampire emod site can be found here:


That has long sense been archived at least for as long as E-Mods.net is around. E-Mods.net has been my home site sense 6/3/2006 and I currently have plans to renew it on 6/3/2009. So unlike many of my prior hostings, this site will be around for a long while.

People are oviusly overlooking the fact that it was supposed to for each person to start his own tropic with his usename as title :-p

Fixed. ;)

Where can I find and download yours maps for Redemption Javokis?   ;D

Merci d'avance.

My maps section is here:


Also check here:


(Most of my work is in Mota)


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