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Author Topic: Hunted  (Read 2710 times)


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« on: 2007-07-24, 11:20:46 »

I've been having quite a few dreams of being hunted by Soldiers. Of course this first started with Half Life 2 where the Combine are after me then it recently changed to being about game hunting where I am the game or at least pretending to be.

The first dream I remember was about being in a primitive, but quaint village as a civilized explorer. I guess it all reminds me of Riven - the sequel to Myst. I don't remember seeing people in the area. I walked around a bit to explore, but I was concentrating my attention on a single area so I don't know much of the layout of the village other than it was very intricate, yet primitive. The village was like a playground construction that stands at the border of a treeline and the desert plains beyond with a mix of wood tower buildings connected by rope bridges along the treeline side and hardened sand structures on the desert side. Some of the towers were very tall with large wood bridges having strong rope support connecting them across the thick forest. Much of the sand moldings made up complex terrain platforms for the village center square, some walls, and the buildings on the ground. The village looked very cool.

Well all I remember is having to protect the village from the Combine, but barely being able to protect myself. The scenary would move from this village to a modern rural town typical of US of A. The town I apparently originate from in this dream is mostly what a rural town would have. The central town area did have some office buildings several stories high that were seemingly out of place. I was working at one of those office buildings under the watchful eye of our oppressors, the Combine in Half Life 2. I appear to have been working for the resistance doing something important.

I had my own office. The office space was a rectangular room with two doors leading out, but no windows. There was a desk with computer and shelves behind the desk. There was also a big widescreen high-def lcd TV mounted on the wall opposite of one of the doors. (Check image attached)

I remember being at the computer in my office when I think I set off an alarm trying to hack something. I felt the urge to leave the office immediately, but I could not make it far. The combine had already been running around to the north door of my office by the time I went out the side door. The image attached below shows where I stood at the time the big large arc arrow going from the narrow hallway towards the north of my office shows the path where the Combine where running. For soem reason they didn't notice I was standing in the corner next to the side door.

I noticed a women in a black outfit walking behind them. She stopped and noticed me, but said nothing as the Combine troops began searching my office. Instead of leaving the building I just went to the desk near the window feeling like I need to do something very quick - possibly to delete some files before the Combine go searching my computer. The woman was standing at the north door of my office looking at me the whole time while the Combine start thrashing stuff within my office as I was at the desk doing something. I noticed some paper files on the desk so I take them.

Next thing I know I am in an allyway outside the building, trapped by Combine soldiers who finally found me. They have no intention of capturing me, they want me dead. I take cover behind a dumpster as they begin firing at me. The dumpster is being pushed heavily by the sheer force of their weapons and I am sure if I am not hit by weapons fire, I will be crushed by the dumpster instead. I know I have to move from my position, but as I decide to take action I notice one of those weird Combine aircraft flying over head, making its strange noises as it passes over. I have no choice but to start trouble. With a sudden influx of super strength I throw the dumpster at the combine troops shooting at me then I jump high up in the air up on the roof of one of the adjacent buildings of the allyway.

"Now I've done it." - I think to myself. "I'm in real trouble now."

All I remember is running through the streets towards a paved concrete trail heading through the forest. I am met by a resistance member only to fear that I have compromised them. I remember going back to that village I described earlier to find that the Combine soldiers have set those damn laser triggered explosive traps all over the place - I mean lasers are everywhere baring my access to the village. I then awaken from that dream.

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