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Author Topic: Apartment Maze  (Read 2648 times)


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Apartment Maze
« on: 2007-05-25, 12:15:51 »

I keep having these similar styled dreams of feeling like I don't have a home or that my home is always temperary. I was in this apartment building that had hallways with various rooms. The quality of the apartment would continue to change as I went from room to room from fairly livable to practically condemned.

I ended up staying in an apartment room that had paint chipped walls and dirty carpets. The main door was heavily damaged and can barely close from what appeared to have been the subject of several break ins. The framing around the door was also damaged and the only way to keep the door closed was to lock the flimsy dead-bolt. The room was small, acting as a living space, bedroom, and kitchen all in one. I didn't notice any bathroom. Next door to me was my mom. Her apartment room was in much more livable shape.

There was a dwarf women wearing sexy lingerie who came up to kick my door open, breaking its already flimsy frame then making a run for it. I ran after her and caught her down the hallway only for her to seduce me into having sex with her right there in the hall. She didn't let me finish so I just wondered off.

The complex wasn't safe because of all the weirdos, drug dealers, and gangbangers living just a few rooms away from mine. I kept moving from room to room, observing each threat, but I remember very little about the details other than each room seemed to contain a different reality. The whole dream was confusing, but at the same time somewhat real. Even my room kept changing in design everytime I returned to it.

One of the rooms opened to an island on a world where there is nothing but ocean. There was a mansion on the island that was owned by gangbangers who seemed to be running some kind of manufactoring operation consisting of extracting something from the shores that kind of looked like barley seeds (the stuff that makes beer?). For some reason people were covering themselves in the seeds that would stick to their bodies. I recall being in a room where there were containers of barley like seeds and people would jump into the containerss and come out completely covered. The last thing I remember noticing was that the whole planet was drying up and waves of barley seeds were were replacing the oceans.

There was more going on, but I can't put it into context.
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