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Author Topic: Stranded and Lost  (Read 2684 times)


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Stranded and Lost
« on: 2007-05-01, 00:11:27 »

I keep having dreams of walking along a busy road on a hilly country side trying to head back home. I think about catching a bus, but the only bus stops nearby head in the opposite direction of where I need to go. I'm just trying to go home, but come to realize that home is quite a distant journey away. The roads can be quite intricate with several forks heading back and forth from hill side country to thick forest areas. The scenery was nice, but I felt like I was lost even though I can envision my destination... or was it destinations? I was confused at which home was the one I needed to journey to sense I have lived in many homes. These dreams tend to repeat quite often in that I can't discern myself between the home of my present and the homes of my past.
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