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Making Animated Textures for The Nod Engine


This tutorial will teach you how to edit a NAM file to create a pageflip animation. For this tutorial we will edit Orsi's portrait in his mansion to have a slide show of other paintings. I'll make this as painless as possible.

-First go into your main Vampire - Redemption folder and find LMaterials.nob.
-Open it with Winzip.
-Find ORportraitOrsi_V.nam under materials\vienna and extract it into your main Vampire - Redemption folder.

-Go into your Vampire - Redmeption\materials folder and you'll natice the vienna folder has been added.
-Within that folder should be our ORportraitOrsi_V.nam file.
-Right-click it and choose properties so we can remove Read-only from the file.

-Open the file with Notepad.
-The file is quite simple right now, containing only two lines of code (a texture and a sound).

-All we need to do is add some lines of code for animation pageflipping.
-We'll need to add the numframes command and set its value to 4 (for 4 frames.) so type in:
numframes 4 at the first line.
-Now we already have one texture for our frame, we'll need three more.
-Let's add 3 more lines of textures like so:
texture SBcheesyPainting2_L.tga
texture SBcheesyPainting3_L.tga
texture SBcheesyPainting4_L.tga

-These textures exist in materials\london of LMaterials.nob.
-The reason we chose these is not only because they are paintings, but they are of the same pixel size.
-Remember to stick with the same tga size for all of your frames or you'll have odd alignment issues on some frames.
-The last line of code is for the pageflip timer.
-The pageflip command measures time in really small miliseconds like 1000 units equal 1 second type milisecond.
-So let's set the pageflip timer to 500 for a 1/2 second interval by typing in
pageflip 500 after the texture lines.

-When we're all done our file should look like this.

-That's it. Save your file and start up Redemption. Load the Orsi's Mansion map in multiplayer and check out his Portrait.


Sweet! this should help many people on creating these... i learned how to do them searching inside club abla haha.

I follow the instructions , but nothing happened.

You probably need to read it again.

Ok, i found what doesn't work.

We need to extract the ORportraitOrsi_V.nam in the LMaterials.nob folder to =>  Materials\ Vienna (I must create this folder which doesn't exist)

only extract OrportraitOrsi_V.nam in the main folder vampire redemption don't create the vienna folder in Materials (on my computer of course!).

Next, just follow yours instructions and I have the pageflip animation!  :P

Thanks for this good tuto^^


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