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Sorry I get so without introducing myself, I am "Thiago", so researching the structure of the amateur VTMR to 5 years, and this forum is contributing exponentially to my understanding of the game as extruded. I'm making a pack of NPCs dark ages, titled (tc) which I use for my own satisfaction aspects of the 3d SIX Cl0wn that so enriched the great models of the game. Also use some powers of the E-mod 1.8, and think how amazing effects created by Javokis you! Well, in short, follow the evolution of the mods, without the pretense of plagiarizing the work of anyone, or do not intend to expose this material that I'm compiling, ok?
 Within this small project there is a Ventrue lord, and wish he were sitting in a relaxed manner as the prince Rudolf, however, this character was originally created with the skeleton 0, ie the Christof, and when I try to attach this model to the skeleton the princerudolf.nod he accuses error saying that the skeleton is incompatible with the structure of the new character, you know?
 Is there any way to make this composition without this error?

 already provided apologize for my bad English, and I am very grateful for the attention Javokis.

 Thiago Pinheiro

No problem. It's been awhile since I touched Milkshape. This is what you could do:

-Take princeRudolf.nod and rename it to your desired model - remove read-only.
-Load up the prince into Milkshape
-Delete the prince's mesh - leaving his skeleton behind
-Import your desired new model's mesh - be sure only princeRudolf's skeleton is the only skeleton in the work space. If your new model has an imported skeleton, remove it.
-Rig your new model's (mesh only) to the prince's (skeleton only)
-Export the new model to a model with the same skeleton - in this case, it's the prince's nod file; Your renamed .nod file that was once princeRudolf.

See if that produces an error...

ok, thanks for listening! I'm doing the werewolf part of my game using the models Crinos related to character, type the character has a special belt he will remain as Crinos order to identify it, what do you think? excuse the paltry English
 Thiago Pinheiro

The short, somewhat hack-ish answer is that you would have to create a Crinos model in Milkshape that wears the belt, then you would have to create a shapeshift discipline that transforms the user into that particular werewolf model.  Check out the tutorials on creating disciplines with Eclipse, and take inspiration from some of the shapeshifting disciplines in Emod and SIXmod.

Good luck!

Thanks man, I've got some ideas for doing this!


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