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How to Make a Sword for The Nod Engine

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I'll try getting around to making a video tutorial of a possible scripting solution when I get all settled back into my new HD.

Great Thanks if you find a solution Javokis  :o

Hello !

A new question. I created more weapons but now i have a damn crash when i'm starting a LAN game.

Can i make something in the folders "Resource.nob" or "misc\Templates"  to resolve this problem?

I hope not be obliged to make a new installation of my game  :'(

First off, don't ever modify the system nobs. It's not necessary. It's not EVER necessary.

Second, delete the contents in your Crypt and SaveGames folders before considering a re-install.

OMG, chance  ;D

You was right! Deleting the Crypt has save my game!



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