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Here is a list of File Types used by the Redemption. This is in hopes of removing confusion about the differences of similar file extension names.

NOB files

Description: Are actually zip files that are uncompressed, containing additional files inside.
Location: Main Vampire - Redemption folder.
Open With: Winzip, 7-Zip (Free Open Source!)

NOT files

Description: Are files that contain template data (props, npcs, players, ect ect).
Location: Vampire - Redemption\misc\Templates (Resource.nob)
Open With: NOT Editor (Available in the NOD SDK Download)

NOD files

Description: Are models that contain mesh, bone, and material information about an object.
Location: Vampire - Redemption\3d\Models (Resource.nob)
Open With: Milkshape 3d, Freyja, or Maya 2.5-3.0 (With Plugins)

NAD files

Description: Are animation files for models - these are assigned in an NMS file.
Location: Vampire - Redemption\3d\Anims (Resource.nob)
Open With: Maya 2.5-3.0 (Good luck finding it)

NMS files

Description: Are motion definition files that tell a model what animation file to use for what event.
Location: Vampire - Redemption\3d\Motions (Resource.nob)
Open With: Notepad

NED file (effects.ned)

Description: Contains a list of discipline effects.
Location: Vampire - Redemption\misc (Resource.nob)
Open With: Notepad

NDD file (game.ndd)

Description: Contains a list of disciplines and their assigned groups. Used in conjuction with game.ndg.
Location: Vampire - Redemption\misc (Resource.nob)
Open With: Notepad

NDG file (game.ndg)

Description: Contains a list of discipline groups and their exp costs.
Location: Vampire - Redemption\misc (Resource.nob)
Open With: Notepad

NPC files

Descriptiong: Used by player types like Christof for starting stats, items, and disciplines.
Location: Vampire - Redemption\misc (Resource.nob)
Open With: Notepad

NCD file (game.ncd)

Description: This file contains the information on clans and controls the clan list in multiplayer.
Location: Vampire - Redemption\misc (Resource.nob)
Open With: Notepad

NPD file (game.npd)

Description: Is the file that contains data on particles in Redemption - like fire and steam.
Location: Vampire - Redemption\misc (Resource.nob)
Open With: Notepad

NTT file (

Description: A treasure class file containing treasure class values using random treasures for chests and shops.
Location: Vampire - Redemption\misc (Resource.nob)
Open With: Notepad

NCO Files

Description: These are tag files that contain conversation scripts (controls timers and multichoice options).
Location: Vampire - Redemption\conversations (Resource.nob)
Open With: Notepad

NAI files

Description: These files contain basic command flags for AI (enemies) and starting disciplines for enemies.
Location: Vampire - Redemption\ai (Resource.nob)
Open With: Notepad

NEX files

Description: Contains timer scripts for explosions (damage, damage radius, effects) all in milisecs.
Location: Vampire - Redemption\explosions (Resource.nob)
Open With: Notepad

NAG files

Description: Tells what wav (audio file) to use for what event (sound to use when feeding, walking, ect).
Location: Vampire - Redemption\foley (Resource.nob)
Open With: Notepad

NCP files

Descriptiong: Custom created camera paths and angles for use with cutscenes.
Location: Vampire - Redemption\paths (Resource.nob)
Open With: Viewed\created in the Redemption game using -devmode in your game's shortcut - otherwise ran in scripts.

NBS files

Description: These files contain a list of items available in a shop (store).
Location: Vampire - Redemption\stores (Resource.nob)
Open With: Notepad

Here is a graphical representation of VTM - Redemption's folder structure showing what files go where.

How to Read this Image

This image shows the various folders used by the Redemption game engine along with what files are usually contained within them. The arrows are pointed to additional subfolders beneath the folder in question. The image displays that within the 3d folder are three other folders of Anims, Models, and Motions. Within the Misc folder there are several subfolders with designated files. An example: The .NOT file types are located within Misc/Templates folder. The .NPC files are located in just the Misc folder.

I hope this sheds light on a few things.

I checked not long ago, and more recent versions of Maya will open the game's 3D files.

I guess that's because every new version of Maya builds on top of the older one rather than starting from scratch.  Kind of like with 3DS Max.

Sorry, PLE version 7 was able to use the files, but version 8 isn't.  If I still have it, I could probably swing it your way.

I'm still waiting for Freyja to have a .nad exporter.


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