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Maps Needed

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Celtic Realm is on the list.

It's under the D's for Dark Praetorian. ;)

Thanks for the rest. I'll fix these maps up and provide support for them sense a lot of their authors have gone with the wind.

I found out that New Jericho had soem messed up textures and caused me to crash on 32-bit mode. I have sense fixed this issue and the chronicle now works fine for me. We'll see if it works for you when MoTA comes out.


Does anyone remember this map?

I found this image in the old gamer's uprising archives.

Yeah, ehh, I once joined an RP on this map, man what was it again... Damn, its been ages, I doubt I can still find the map somewhere in my files.



check the 2 megamappacks for redemption, it contains awesome maps. might contain a few you can use, its a big dl tho.

I already tried it. It had nothing that SoC already handed me.

Ok I have found pretty much every map I was looking for plus more. dcdrac has been uploading his shit like crazy over at vpaine.com.

The image I posted was of Dacaron Mansion by Flint. I now have it in my MoTA pack. I'll be posting an updated list later on.

I have over 160 maps in MoTA now and I am still finding more maps to fix up and put into it. This is going to be AWESOME!

I estimate that the download size will probably be around 700megs zipped. Over 2 gigs unzipped. It's going to take awhile to get this bad boy uploaded.  ;D


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