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Maps Needed

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2 things:

1: Rainmoon: I've played the map several times, and I never had a problem with it unless i fill i with like 30 firegolems, pause the game and then kill them all, instan lag and crash when I resumed time :-)

2: Demortia: You still like newcomers, what do you exacly (other then the havenmaps) need to know and such and what is the website?

EDIT: Doh, stupid, crimson keep is nr1 on google here >.<

EDIT 2: Duble doh, The links in your User information

EDIT 3: God kick me most of the info is on the website.

LOL! Well at least you found what you was looking for in the end  :D

I have had this idea for a map for a few weeks now, and in theory can fit well in CK games ( Dark Future ) Or could be used as some kind of govornment bunker etc in MD games.

So, has anyone actually thought about making a Vault ( 13 )  from Fallout? Has it ever been done?

I'd be willing to put this one together using our DF Texture pack and it would be quite different to our usual underground bases and stuff so its worth a go.
However I have several mapping projects already in the pipeline but could squeeze this one in somewhere and it would give me a break from the usual.

Anyway, what do ya think? And I can package the textures it uses into a single .nob file so no need to get the whole DF texture pack for those that dont use it since obviously it wont use every texture in the pack, so reducing file size :)

Yeah. Go for it. I was thinking about making the Brotherhood of Steel Base after seeing someone make a basic chronicle of it for Redemption awhile back ago. The chronicle only used basic maps already included in the game, but looking at your DF textures does make me want to do something with fallout.

I also have doom3 textures that can work for hightech areas too. ;)

Alright I'm singing up tomorrow since this laptop hasn't any e-mail set on me outlook... Stillhave no idea who to mail tho... Demortia, I presume that would be you?

Yeah redemption seems to be lacking post apocalyptic settings like Junktown,Vault 13, Necroplois ect


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