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I need help finding the Ebarucum by Ezy Rage.

Does anyone have it?

I want to put it into my maps of the ages pack. It feels incomplete without it.  :(

Oh yeah:

Here's a list of Vampire - Redemption maps that I currently have compiled:

Byer's Cathedral
Charlotte's Charnel House
Charlotte's Club Purgatory
Charlotte's The Tenament
Choddy's Chateau Le Blanc
Cotd' Neamagh Keep
Cyberchris' Old Mansion
Dapulper's Moria
Dapulper's Prancing Poney Inn
Dapulper's Reconquista
Darklord's Escape into Darkness
Darklord's Private House
Darkness40k's Hospital
Deca's Baali Cathedral
Devil's Knows Angels (Translated)
Dark Praetorian's Celtic Realm
Dark Praetorian's Darkest Crusade (Otherwise known as WTD Necropolis)
Duelist Arena (Unknown Author)
Dyllantina's Angelsk By Night
Dyllantina's Prison Of Aneska
Eschenbach's Art Museum
Euryon's Carthage Ruins
Euryon's Mind Of Daisy
EzyRage's Baton Rouge
EzyRage's Galaghar
EzyRage's Rage's Apartment
EzyRage's Resident Evil
Fight Club (Unknown Author)
Gates' End of the World Club
Goth Club (Unknown Author)
Harper's The Path (Translated)
Howls to Luna's Caern
Howls to Luna's Caern of the Dragon
Howls to Luna's NYC Umbra
JoeShmoe's Jazz Club
Kir's Headbangers Ballroom
Kir's Yare Manor
Krypt's Central London Hub
Krypt's Warriors Rest Inn
Kufar's Castle Tirgoviste
Kufar's Passoborgo
LasherM's NO By Night V2 (I want the old one. Whaaa!)
LastDays' Wild wild west (Not sure who the specific author is)
Laurae&Luca's Hrothyogg Tower
Laurae&Luca's Hrothyogg Tower DP
Mundug's Toreador Palace
Naska's Mantucha
Nomadi Arena (Made by Nomadi? Unknown author I guess)
NYCRPG's Manhattan
Omen's Shop Haven (The original author)
Ortan's Santa Clara
Ortan's The Ortancia (Uses Baton Rouge textures, which were not included)
Ortan's Toreador Bar
Waterfall (Unknown Author)
Pierick's French Londres
Rainmoon's Adventure Chronicle
Rainmoon's Club Abla
Rainmoon's Country House
Rainmoon's Dungeon Golo
Rainmoon's Inn
Rainmoon's Last Stand
Rainmoon's Sodry Mansion
Rainmoon's New Soulandria
Rainmoon's Takaina Club
Rainmoon's Small Town (Village)
Rainmoon's Vienna By Day
Ramiel's Ramyland
Ramirez's All Souls
Ramirez's Tavern
Renee's CappaCata
Sear's Gothic Mansion
Sephiroth's LEGEND Navarre Mansion
Tantalus' Small City
Tantalus' Townhouse
Tempar's Arcadius Bridge (With Roman Inn)
TheFallen's Privat Hospital
Tibeault's House In The Forest
Vandal Savage's Northern Star
Dark City (Unknown Author)
VVV's Haven
Wazzit's Holtburg
Wazzit's Snowbank
Whisper's Underground
Yith's Mega London (Combines London By Night with Central London Hun and French Londres)

 I think you didnt include Dark Future's Cityscape in the CK pack..   other maps that I dont see on list are  New Jherico by Night and Black Triad's Dallas (No idea if you are intending on including these but they are pretty good)

Actually I would want to if I had it.

I actually want to put as many maps as I can in the MoTA pack that are fully functional. Functionality is very important. Any map that has issues that can be fixed, I will fix. If it's not fixable, it doesn't go into the pack.

I also posted this on SoC forum and they gave me a link to their MASSIVE repository. I just finished downloading everything I need from it.

As for the CK maps - those will go into the MoTA pack as well. I would like to put Cityscape in there, but at the time I compiled the other pack, the ck website had a file issue and lost the Cityscape map. So if you have it then send it to me.

Thanks in advance.

PS thanks to SoC, vpaine, schatter, and some google searches this will be the GREATEST compilation EVER made.

BTDALLAS can be found here. ICT rping guilde im in uses it a lot.┬ 

http://www.insane-inside.com/BlackTriadDallasv1.exe┬  an exe that creates a new desktop icon, which is needed to run through it to play the map.┬  Many locations in the map has custom music, so that is why the map is overall big.

New Jericho here:┬  http://www.schattenlord.com/Files/new_jericho_by_night.zip

the thing with new jericho, the patch contained screws things up for me so i just play without it.

also i noticed celtic realm isn't on there.  if needed here is it's link:  http://www.schattenlord.com/Files/celticrealm.zip


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