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Author Topic: Super Gigantic Mall  (Read 2762 times)


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Super Gigantic Mall
« on: 2007-02-26, 00:48:07 »

I had this one a couple of nights ago. I was hopping on a bus that I thought was going downtown. I realized I made a mistake when the bus started to take the freeway. I asked the bus driver where are we going and he said we're going to Aberdene (However spelled). I'm like, 'Whoa! That's a ways from here.'

The driver was going really fast and the road was filled with crazy drivers trying to cut us off. Hehe. Try to cut off a bus? Yeah. What IQ level does one need to pull that off? Well the freeway was pure chaos as cars where ramming into each other trying to go wherever they were goin'. After only 5 minutes, we were approaching the offramp to Aberdene. I recall thinking that 5 minutes was extremely fast and after seeing the massive super mall as we were getting off the freeway, I wondered whether I could try this trip more often.

We reach the mall's transit station. I became curious as to what this huge mall looks like on the inside so I decided to hop off the bus to look around. I was amazed at the size of this building. The bus stop was stationed near the center of the parking lot. The parking lot was half-surrounded by the mall's structure. There were three noticable entrances and I was trying to figure out which one I should take.

I decided to take the entrance to my right. When I entered the right entrance, I was awed by the intrinsic details and flashing lights of the interior. The vast corridors were adorned with shops of all kinds. The hallways spanned as far as the eye can see. There was almost no end to the size of this mall. I remember seeing restaurants, clothing stores, even rollercoaster rides, casinos, and museum exibits. There was a children's playhouse near one of the caffeterias that has a cartoonish lion head as part of its entrance.

I've had dreams about malls a lot, but this was the biggest mall I have dreamed about. I remember Aberdene having a large mall, but this dream wasn't actually the Aberdene mall. This mall was something completely different. If I recall right, Aberdene mall is the largest mall in Washington state... I think.

Still a cool dream.
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