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Author Topic: Obfuscate  (Read 2638 times)


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« on: 2007-02-13, 12:38:07 »

I have a dream from last night that I actually remember - well mostly.

I was some kind of spy with basic Obfuscate powers on a mission to infiltrate some small time gang organization. I couldn't be a vampire because it was fairly daylight - maybe a little bit of clowds, but I never looked up enough to notice. I remember being in a parking lot of what looks like an apartment complex. At the end of the complex was lite forests upon rough hilly terrain. I know it has to be winter because all of the trees were bare of any leaves. I and some others were sneaking between some cars towards an abandoned building believed to be the hideout of the gang members at the edge of the apartment complex that bordered on the forest. I barely made it off the curve and onto the grassy noll when we were spotted by the gang members apparently hanging out outside the abandoned building.

The gang members were armed and started shooting at us and that's when I decided to use my Obfuscate powers.  Sense my powers were limited I must stay still while the powers are in use and if I move, I must move slowly or I'll be spotted. I began crawling my way through the freshly mowed grass and into the rough dirt of the hilly forest. I know not what happened to my colleagues, but I continued on my mission as I decided to sneak around through the cover of dirt hills and forest trees, making my way towards the back entrance of the building. This kind of played out like Bloodlines where I was crouching my way through alerted gang members that were patrolling the place.

The gang members were everywhere and I was always one step away form being spotted. Several times I made noises or exposiers that made me 'partially' spotted by armed patrols, but with my Obfuscate powers they were always left without a comprehensive target. I was quite scared during the whole ordeal as I would crouch within reaching distance of some of the patrols who would be looking right at me if I wasn't somewhat invisible.

I eventually make it within the building. The abandoned building would have been a nice classic style home if it hadn't been in such horrible disarray. The place had laundrey shoots, in/out bathrooms, walk in closets, vents, and tons of places someone on a stealth mission can adore. There was an alternitive means into every room. Some rooms led into other rooms that in turn led into hallways that allow for in and out discretions. This was the funnest part of the dream.

At this point I was messing with the gang members left and right. Playing the ghost and the intelligence gatherer at the same time. I was always one step ahead of them even when they decide to tear the place apart trying to look for me. That was an awesome dream.
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