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Guess who's back!


Nostalgia hit me. I looked through some of my old code. I felt a desire to finish some of it.

The question remains if I really will finish anything that I left unfinished, but when I think of how much fun I had modding VtMR 'in the day' it kinda spurs me on..

Wow dude! Long time no see.

Welcome back!

How did you find us here? I haven't actually been advertising that much for the new location.

*Grabs the run and repetetly shoots Zursomething in the chest*


It was all a bit strange and surreal, really. I was talking to an old friend from VtMR in MSN, reminiscing about the old days, laughing at how our 'clan leader' ended up in jail for attempted armed robbery in real life, etc etc
Then I decided to check the PV forums to see if the redemption section was dead or alive, and saw that it's actually still alive - Well, still twitching, at least.
Watching those avis from AoR brought some serious nostalgia. If I could find my Vamp cds I would have reinstalled it already.
I still have the remains of my mod lying around on a disk here. I would have finished it if I knew the community was still sort-of alive, but then maybe not. I'd be looking at my old code and grimacing at how amateurish it was and wanting to rewrite the whole thing, all 3000+ lines of code.

Just yesterday I finished my first weapon-model for CounterStrike : Source, so you could say that's my current game for modelling, while I've been scripting a small mod/plugin for X3 Reunion in its own language.

~Blood healing, tenebration, strangles Bloodywolf with the shadows~

Thanks for the welcome  ;D


Vamp got a little boost of activity when Hamachi came out. People were finally able to play on routers and firewalls without having to make a bunch of fussy modifications to their systems.

I'm on Hamachi network now and don't use WON anymore. When you figure out how to get vamp installed again, come to my new network.

The name is AoRMod with the pass=aor. The old server has been completely overrun and not even I can login into it to boot people off - it's that popular.


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