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Azrael of the Rose:
You can't post on the actual story thread (if you do, ill have to cut you), so post and questions/comments/concerns/adviceiwontlistento here.  Compreenda? ;D

You can lock your main thread so that no one can post in it, then unlock it and update it as necessary. That's what I do.

Shit... I've got to update my story now...

Pretty good. I like the detail. Though I (and I'm confident everyone else) will not go through the trouble of translating Portuguese myself. That's why I have a Lexicon post for all my unfamiliar terms (and snippets from other languages).

Oh and Character Sheets! I want to see Character Sheets! You know you can start as a mortal and net some additional experience then become a vampire for the character creation (just a little tip ;)).

Azrael of the Rose:
i suck at the technical stuff. as you so pointedly stated on PV, im not "storyteller" however good my writing is.

Well I didn't realise it was the birth of a childe untill the very end :-p

Azrael of the Rose:
is that good or bad?


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