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Author Topic: Another Lab Dream  (Read 2577 times)


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Another Lab Dream
« on: 2007-01-01, 13:06:53 »

I had thus another dream about a lab. This time it looked more like a school campus on the outside. I remember having to power everything back up for some odd reason. The lab was pretty much derelict. There was one person I recall working with. She was a scared individual who was reluctant to help me re-activate the lab's systems sense she was an experiment of the lab. I know not what was done to her, but she was only one who could help me.

She remained in a control center while I roamed around the lab's campus checking buildings and their rooms as I walk around the various hallways and walkways of a fairly modern establishment. Strange things began to occur as she was bringing systems back online from the control center. Some kind of paranormal phenomena was awakening. What ever experiment had been conducted at this lab, was interrupted by a complete shut down of its systems. Now the experiments began to resume, causing visions to occur that seemed to warp my perception of reality.

I was in one of the cooridors near an exit to the outside of the first floor when I noticed the floor before me began to turn into some kind of accidic goo. The women at the control center sends out an announcement through the building's com system telling me that she must stop what she is doing or things will get worse. I go to the nearest com panel on a wall and tell her not to stop. She grows increasingly aggitated till I tell her I know things are becoming stranger, but we need to bring this lab back up to full power.

Suddenly, I hear a sound coming from the exit behind me. I go to look then I see a large old women in dirty cloths. The old women seems unnatural in her movements and I realize that she is not quite human so I raise my handgun at her and fire. The old women says, 'Thank you.' She then drops and becomes a pile of accidic goo that causes the floor to cave in. I don't know if I can make the jump over the cave in and am unsure what I did after that point, but I eventually end up outside.

I am standing on a walkway out side the building when a bunch of people start riding around me with skates and skateboards. I wondered what they are doing here, but they seem to be ok though I feel as if they aren't quite human either. Before they could come up upon me I raise my handgun in the air and fire. They all backed off, but seemed to show a new kind of respect towards me. I come to realize that they were experiments too, but could not figure out what was done to them. I ask them why are they here and are not 'out there'.

They said they could not leave because they would not be accepted by the outside world. I ask them why that is and one of them opens his mouth wide revealing nothing but hallow. I became fascinated and wonder what kind of power animates them, but before that could be answered I hear a monsterous cry from around one of the buildings. The people become concerned as I investigate what it was. Something huge comes around the building and everyone tells me to hide, but I had no place to hide so some of them decide to pile on top of me as the giant monster charges towards my position.

After that I wake up.
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