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Renew the Earthly Pleasures, Part 2 (Warning: XXX 18+)



"Ugh...!" was all I could muster. Swallowing a hot coal to warm the flesh for a night neither tasted nor felt good. The ritual was easy to perform, but it required that one swallow a burning charcoal. Normally used as a defensive tactic for combat, Flesh of Fiery Touch burns opponents who attempt to touch the vampire, but I didn't want that this time. It was a simple matter to weaken the ritual so that my body temperature would only be feverish instead of literally burning, but it still required me to swallow that damn coal.

Glancing at the mirror, grab a handkerchief, put it in my pocket, and check out my teeth and fangs to make sure I don't have any black spots on them. Good. Pearly white. "Is this really worth it?" I think to myself. Then I shrug, "The benefits outweigh the temporary inconvenience." I left the mirror and grabbed a coat on the way out of my haven and slung it on as I headed out the door.


"Madam Felicita?"

Felicita sat in a chair and stared vacantly at the hearth in front of her. The small flames danced in her eyes as whe watched them lick the wood.

"Madam Felicita."


Felicita snapped out of her stare as the maid called to her. She answered louder and more hesitantly than she intended.

The room the two were in was a cozy sitting area with furniture liberally scattered about. A small fireplace was on one side of the room and complemented the atmosphere. The furnace provided the most light in the room, but there were also candles propped up by holders extending from the walls. The somewhat dim lighting illuminated several large portraits hanging from the walls, revealing elegantly embroidered frames and detailed paintings within its boarders. The maid stood in the doorway by one portrait to an adjacent room.

"I came to check on you," said the maid, "Are you alright? You seem preoccupied." "Ah... I'm fine. I just feel a little tired," replied Felicita. "Hm. It is getting late. Perhaps you should lie down for the night?" the handmaiden suggested. "Yes I think I will," Felicita sighed. "Then let's get you out of that dress."

Felicita stood and the pair walked out of the room to the adjacent room and up a stairwell. Felicita led the way down the hall where candle after candle greeted them with bright smiles as they passed by. When they arrived to her room, she brought out a key, unlocked the door with a clank, and they entered. The room was lit only by the silver moon beams that flooded the room from the balcony. From where they were standing, the balcony was straight ahead of them, a large bed was on the right side of the room and close to the balcony, and a dresser to the left with a mirror, combs, pins, string, and other hair styling items. The balcony was open with white lace drapes that partially covered the doorway and slowly swayed back and forth in the light breeze.

After the maid lit a candle on the dresser, she positioned herself behind Felicita and quickly began to unlace her corset. When the corset was loosened and removed, Felicita inhaled deeply with relief for the first time all day. "Thank you," said Felicita with a small smile. "Madam," replied the maid, who courtesied and left the room.

Felicita laid the corset on a chair and changed into a night gown, then sat down in front of the mirror and removed the string holding her hair up. She shook her head and let the strands fall and unravel themselves, settling just past her shoulders. She looked in the mirror and pulled her hair to the side then picked up a brush and started brushing her hair.

"You look very succulent tonight."

Startled, she flinched and dropped brush. Upon looking at me, she jumped up with her left hand still on the dresser, having an urge to run but not knowing what to do. I stood in the doorway to the balcony with the curtains rolling around me, staring at her with my relaxed yet intense eyes. A breeze blew past me and tugged at Felicita's gown and hair.

"I said I would see you again... and now... I'm back." I speak slowly and softly, not wanting a tense silence to come between us, but one came anyway as she didn't answer. I walked to the bed and seductively leaned against one of the posts then playfully ask, "Did you miss me?" "Ah... y-yes... No! Er... What h-happened last night... it... It was wrong." she said half-heartedly. Then I said in a slow, breathy voice, "Oh... really?" Then I step forward, my body loose and lightly swaying as I cock my head to the side and continue, "Tell me what happened last night." She backs up as I step forward until she backs into the wall.

"We danced," she replies.

"Aaaaand?" I ask with a coy voice.

"You-- you kissed me," she accuses.

"Describe it to me," I command, "How did we kiss?"

"With... our mouths," she subtly fights.

"What else?"

"And with..."

"With what?"

"Our tongues," she forces out.

She seems a bit more relaxed now, if a little embarrassed. "Would you like me to kiss you again?" I gently smile and ask. She doesn't look at me and unconsciously begins tapping her foot with a worried look on her face. She opens her mouth to say something, but no words come out. I take advantage of the opportunity and pierce the tip of my tongue with my fang and softly place my thumb and index finger on either side of her chin, then have her look up at me as I lean forward.

Such a gentle, passionate kiss it is. I lightly press my lips against hers, pull back a little for a split-second, then press my lips against hers again and repeat. The tip of my tongue reaches and lightly brushes her upper lip. Then I quickly and lightly suck on her lower lip and release it. Then I do it again but with my teeth, dragging them on her lip and lightly pulling on it then letting it go. I go back to the gentle pecks on her lips and lightly lick the corner of her mouth then back to a quick suck on her lower lip. I take her hand in mine and she stops and says to me, "You're burning up," to which I reply breathily, "You have no idea." As I look at her I take her finger and put the tip in my mouth and perform a quick, little suck on it like I did to her lower lip. Then I drag my teeth from her first knuckle forward and go back to kissing her mouth again.

Then I get a little more aggressive once I feel her tenseness loosen. I stick my tongue in a little deeper and gingerly tough the roof of her mouth and lick forward, tickling her and loosening her more as I feel her shiver from that touch. Still kissing, I faintly tug on her gown and pull her forward, taking small, slow steps until we are in the center of the room and in the moonlight. Without parting lips, I walk around until I am behind her. Her head is turned up to the side and mine is turned down and facing her lips. Then we part lips and I bring my arms around her but not touching her except with my fingertips. She never opens her eyes. With my fingers, I give fleeting touches over the thin gown. I touch on her stomach, across her collar bones, down her arms, up the outside of her thighs, up her back with my right hand while reaching my left hand around to her right side and tracing upward-- all with me barely touching her gown. I moved as though I was caging her where she stood, but she choose to stay there instead.

She smells so nice with a faint scent of perfume on her, and her hair is fluffy yet soft like silk. The gown she is wearing is white, silky, and flits in the warm breeze. I make my way down lower and lower until I am at her ankles and reach under her garment. I touch her soft skin now, barely touching her with the tips of my fingers and make my way up her toned calves with the hem of her garment purposefully caught on my wrists. My fingers continue up the outside of her thighs to her sides. She is breathing with short, quick breaths and tucks her arms in through her sleeves. As she did this, she bent over a little to give her gown some slack to slip through more easily, but she had to lean back a little so she wouldn't tip forward, burying her butt right into my crotch. She didn't realize what she did for a moment until her arms were against her sides, then she felt my hard dick through my pants right up against her and she stood straight again. The gown is only hanging on her shoulders now and I bring the garment up and quickly over her head. Then I place one hand on her lower abdomen and firmly press her butt into my groin once again so that she can feel me, and so I can feel her.

She is completely naked and pressing firmly against my crotch. She is warm and soft and she leans the rest of her body against me as well. Her body molds to mine as though she is conforming to me, like ivy clinging to lattice. I then come back around to her front, taking off my coat and tossing it aside, and run my fingertips across the top of her chest, just above her breasts back and forth, taking my time to arouse her more and more. Her nipples are hard and sticking straight out, and the rest of her body occasionally shakes a little from my touch. While I continue to stroke her chest, she is completely flushed and starts blushing more when she unbuttons my shirt. She pulls my shirt out from my pants since it is tucked in, but once she does so, she closes her eyes and covers her face while grinning. My erect penis is standing against my stomach well past my beltline to my belly button so she can clearly see the upper part of my dick. "So... are you enjoying the view?" I tease her. Turning beet-red, she looks up at me with big eyes and says "No no I... it's just..." "That's what I thought. You love staring at me," I continue. "No! I just--" I chuckle and pick her up by the sides and lay her on the bed. Her cute, little body is bathing in the moon rays. I pull the handkerchief from my pocket and toss it at the foot of the bed. Then she sits up as I loosen my pants and crawl towards her, slipping out of them as I progress forward on the fluffy mattress.

We are both completely nude now and her whole body is turning a light shade of pink. "No inhibitions, alright?" I tell her. "OK," she says and nods. I know she will still be quite cautious since this is her first time, but I just wanted her to agree to do anything. I start to kiss her again, performing short little sucking actions on her lips while stroking her chest and just below her breasts. Now I stroke between her breasts and slightly lift each one with my forearm then continue my stroking. Now I go for the breasts themselves, but not the nipples. I stroke just outside the areole and massage all around the breast, rolling my hand from the heel to the fingertips, using both hands on one breast at a time. Then I roll into stroking again and lightly pass my hand over her breast, just touching the tip of her hardened nipple with the palm of my hand, sending shivers down her spine. I can tell because she shudders when I surprise her by touching the nipple itself on occasion.

I bring my face close to her breast and nibble all around just outside the areole. Then I cup her breast in my hand and squeeze, stretching her nipple and pointing it out even further. Seeing what I want for the moment, I open my mouth to stick out my tongue and lick the nipple itself to get it nice and wet. Then I start fluttering my tongue against the hard, pinkish brown point. She bends back and to the side with a wide smile, the pitch of her voice rising. "Haaaaaa...! *giggle* It tickles!" I chuckle at her reaction then I blow on her nipple, quickly cooling it down to become even harder. I start fluttering again and warm up the nipple, giving a nice pleasant sensation. Every time I flutter my tongue, she bends and giggles with a smile after a moment. I continue the temperature changes for a little while then move to the other breast and do the same thing: massaging it, rolling my hand to stroking fingertips, and squeezing the breast to fluter my tongue against her nipple. "Hhha... errr... unghhh..." She tries to be quiet, but sweet moans of pleasure leak out as I continue to fondle her.

She is so sensitive now. I even stroked her left side and she cringed in that direction. My hand moves lower, stroking her stomach down to her thigh. I move to her inner thigh and am surprised at what I feel. My hand is about two-thirds to her knee, but I feel a thick trickle as I move up. Her breaths are shorter and quicker as she stares at me. I move up the trickle and trace it to its source. First I stroke her inner thighs and the junction between her vulva and her legs, but then I stop. I don't want to go there just yet. I get up on my knees and point to my crotch. "Look," I tell her. She looks down at the bed, then slowly up to my crotch. She blushes again, but then the redness began to subside as she stared intently at my dick, as though she was studying it. I could feel her eyes all over me. She stared at the meaty protrusion from my lower abdomen and traced from the top of the large, pinkish purple head down to the pink sack at the base. "Grab it," I tell her. She looks up at me, brings up her hand, and hesitates. Then I decide to torture her more and say, "No. First tell me, 'I want to grab your cock.'"

She looks at me with big eyes at the vulgar statement. "I can't say that...!" she replies. "No inhibitions, remember?" I smile and say. She looks away and I wonder if I went a little too far. She silence starts to make me worried a little. Then I hear, "I want to grab your cock." I pause, then smile with delight when she says the simple dirty statement. Then she reaches forward and I pull my hips back. She has a puzzled look on her face. I lean forward and coyly say, "Again." She sharply inhales, then weakly says "I want to grab your cock." "Louder."  Then she replies a little more forcefully, "I want to grab your cock." I cup my hand behind my ear. "I want to grab your cock," she says louder. Then I shift my hips back and forth in front of her, teasing her and avoiding her hand with a smile on my face. "I WANT your cock!" she almost yells, shooting her hand forward and grabbing my shaft. She pulls on it, hard. "W-whoa!" Then she releases me and starts apologizing. "I'm so sorry! Did I hurt you?" she asks in a worried voice. "No, not at all. It actually felt great," I reply. It did hurt a little, but the pleasure was more intense. She sighs with relief and I take one of her hands and press it against my dick, then take the other and cup it around my balls. Her eyes look so intense and I can hear her breathing loudly. She starts to massage a little, which feels incredible, but then she leans back, opens her legs, and scoots toward me.

"Are you so eager?" I ask. She looks away and licks her lips. "Do I have to say it?" she said. "You already know the answer to that," I reply. I take my finger tips and hold my dick at the base. Then I direct it to her knee and trace down her inner thigh and she inhales deeply with anticipation. I stroke the outside of her lips with the tip of my dick and swirl in circles around them, then continue up her stomach. Now she starts to squirm and tip her hips up. Then I continue upward and slide my dick between her breasts so that it is right in her face. She starts rubbing her legs together, but it isn't enough. I can hear her knees brush against each other and notice she is moving her pelvis in a circular motion then imagine her repeating that same motion only with my dick inside. She has somewhat small breasts, but it is enough for what I am doing. I take one hand and press it between her legs, which she immediately opens up. I rub my fingers against her just a little to get them sufficiently wet, then bring my hand forward and cover my dick and between her breasts with her juice. She liked my hand between her legs and looked frustrated when I quickly removed it. Then I press her breasts together and slowly swing my hips with her staring, making sure she gets a good, hard look. Then she rests her head and closes her eyes to better feel me against her.

Then I stop and she looks at me, still rubbing her legs together. I move down and she opens her legs again then tips her pelvis up. I lay my boiling dick on her stomach and rest my balls against her vulva and push my dick left and right in a fan-like motion on her stomach, teasing her more. Then she gets sneaky. She raises her hips up and rubs her vulva against my dick, getting it even more wet. I quickly lift up and pull away. "Why won't you do it?" she whines. "Do what?" I reply. "You know..." "Tell me." "Why won't you stick it in?" she asks, sounding a little desperate. "Stick what in where?" Now she looks like she is going to cry. Then I tell her, "Describe what you want. Tell me what I want to hear from you. Tickle my ears and... I just might give you what you want." Then she hesitantly says, "I want you to put THAT inside me." I put my dick on her vulva and spread her lips with with the head, but I don't enter completely and just rub up and down between her lips.

"Pleeeease."  I just continue to trace around her vulva and tease her. "I want you to put your COCK inside me," she forces out. "Closer," I say, "But not quite." I get further from her vagina and trace her legs and come back to just lightly brush against her lips again. "Where do you want my cock?" *sharp exhale* "I want your cock in my... there." She points between her legs and scoots down to try to get me inside but I pull back at the same rate as she comes closer, but I continue stimulate up and down between her lips with the head of my dick, no matter what she does. "There is a word for it," I say. "I want your cock in my vagina," she spits out. She is certainly becoming less and less reserved with her speech. "Not quite the word I'm looking for. Try again." I exit and barely brush against her clitoris, making her jump, then come back to her entrance and vibrate my dick with my hand, my head between her lips as I do so. "Arrgh! I want your COCK in my... my PUSSY!" The moment the words fall from her lips, she reacts to them and her pussy contracts once. Fluid spills out and trickles down to her ass. I smiled down at her and place my hands on her hips.

Slowly but steadily, I push in. She winces and I feel a tear a little after I stick the head in completely. I had hoped I had dilated her vulva enough so that her hymen would only stretch instead of break, but this is not always possible depending on the size differences between two people. No matter. I pull out of her with some difficulty as her pussy bit down when I tried to leave. Then she wraps her legs around my hips as I grab the handkerchief, looks straight in my eyes and orders, "KEEP GOING." "But--" "I don't care." I simply grin and press the handkerchief against her butt then enter once again.

I press the tip right in her slit and push in at medium speed. Going too slow on first penetration could increase her pain. I decrease my speed now and slowly pull back then thrust again a little quicker and slowly pull back. There is nothing like virgin's pussy the first time. She is so tight around my cock it almost hurts. She feels a little pain, but the pleasure far exceeds it and she damn near came in three strokes. "Nuh... ergh... oh... hhhah..." She grabs the sheets and twists them in her hands as she arches her back. She looks so cute trying to suppress it. She shakes her hips and moves in that circular motion I had imagined myself feeling earlier and it feels incredible. Each time I pull back, the skin on my dick pulls as though her pussy is a vacuum not letting me go. She draws me quite nicely.

Then she relaxes for a couple of moments and tenses up again. "...hhhhrrrreeehaaaa!!" She grabs the sheets even harder, she lifts her hips and slams them on the bed, her back arches severely, her face twists, I see the whites of her eyes, and her pussy bites down HARD on my dick and keeps contracting. A tingling sensation started in her lower abdomen and swept up her body in waves. "...ah...eeee... eek... eeeyaa... haaaahhhh...!" She has such a cute orgasm, squeaking, softly moaning, and trying to keep quiet. While she comes I lift her up and she grabs my neck in a hug and chokes me. Good thing I don't breathe. Her breasts are squashed against my rib cage and I feel her hard nipples poking me. Her legs around my waist squeeze me hard and her arms feel like a vice as her body and mine almost melt into one. My left hand is against her butt to support her and bounce her up and down while I take my right hand, reach down, and slide my fingers between her legs past her butt. I press on the sides of her pussy where we are joined to make the last bit of her orgasm even more intense. "AAAAAAAAAHHHH!" She didn't even try to suppress that one. Her pussy becomes even more juicy and it covers my balls. I even fell the fluid dripping from my testicles on to the sheets. Then... she collapses and become dead weight. She pants hard with long, deep breaths.

But I'm not finished. With my dick still inside her, I crawl on my knees and sit her on the edge of the bed. She decides to lay down, ha ha. The important thing is, her legs are hanging over the edge and I am standing on the ground over her. With a slurp, I pull my dick out and place two fingers, palm facing up, over her entrance. She looks down, then up at me and cocks her head. I gently press in and curl my fingers up to stroke her upper wall. Her stomach hardens and she lets out a short breath as I apply pressure. There. Small ridges form as I continue my stroking in a "come here" motion. Then I stroke side to side and around in circles, coaxing the ridges to harden more. After a few moment of this, I place my dick against her slit again, but my hips are far below hers. I spread her lips and stick the head in, then push UP instead of IN so that my dick hits those ridges. It kind of tickles me. Now I slide up and down, up and down, bending my dick a little as I enter.

As I continue to rub the ridges, they get harder and more pronounced. "My feet burn," she finally tells me. "Good. How close are you?" I ask. "Now my legs burn..." she groans. I can feel my own orgasm coming as well and decide not to hold back considering the heat she feels in her legs. "Nuuh, uhhh... errrrruhhh...!" Now my face twists and my vision blurs. My legs feel like rubber too and my back, chest, and stomach tense up.

Upon seeing me come, she comes again, but this orgasm is different from her first. She feels like she has to pee for a few moments and a powerful wave explodes from her legs and shoots across her body. "Ehh, haa, haaaaa, HAA-AAAA....!" I feel like she is going to bite off my dick with her pussy. She shoots a small amount of clearish fluid across the length of my dick, soaking my balls and entire groin area and streaming down my legs. It isn't urine. It is thicker, smells sweet, and has a different color. After a few moments of glowing in the aftereffects of her second orgasm, she sees the fluid all over me and starts crying. "I... I..." she starts to sniffle. "No don't worry, you didn't pee," I reassure her, "This is the normal reaction for this kind of orgasm. It felt different didn't it?" "Yes... Are you sure I didn't...?" "You didn't," I tell her and lean to her hear then whisper, "Trust meeee." She smiles and closes her eyes. I lift her up and stand with me still inside her and I pull away the covers. After sliding her in on her side and snuggling up next to her, I have her close her legs with me still inside as I pull the covers over us. We are face-to-face and begin our gentle kissing again. Soon, she falls asleep with my dick between her legs.

An aroma filled the room that is unlike any other and cannot accurately be described; one must smell it themselves as It would be like describing the color red. A lock Felicita's hair fell across my face while I looked upon her sleeping face. I don't brush it aside but rock my head back and forth with the lock against my upper lip.

After a few minutes of hearing her soft, consistent breathing, I pull out of her and gently slip out from the covers. After putting on my pants, shirt, and coat, I go to grab the handkerchief, but I decide to leave it with her as a warm reminder, more for her than for me, and put it in her hand. After a small kiss on the lips, I head to the balcony and jump out into the night.

Back at my haven, I opened the door and threw my coat off on to a chair. "You made me wait," a firm voice says. I look up to see a half-naked blonde on a couch, staring at me. "Anastasia."

Question What time setting is this? Cause They Didn't have Pussy and dick words in the middle ages :-p I beleave its something from the 80-90thy's.


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