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Author Topic: The Dark Side of Reflection  (Read 2936 times)


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The Dark Side of Reflection
« on: 2006-12-21, 16:34:38 »

The dream felt real and I could not determine for sure whether I was dreaming. There were two mirrors in the bathroom - similar to the bathroom in the real world, but it had a different layout which was darker, having wood paneled walls, and there was no tub that I could see.

One of the mirrors were over the sink counter and the other appeared to be attached to a door that divided the toilet from the bathroom sink. The door was painted black. In this dream, I looked in the mirror over the sink and saw my reflection acting indepedently from myself. I did not know what to think of what was going on. I was scared. I looked over at the other mirror attached to the black door. At first, I could not see myself in the reflection, but then I realized that my reflection was hiding below the mirror. The bathroom lights dim as my reflection rises up with its arms extended and an evil grin on its face. The reflection calls out with a disturbing scream and that is when I woke up.
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Re: The Dark Side of Reflection
« Reply #1 on: 2006-12-22, 09:17:05 »

This isn't the "Dream Journals" section, this is the "Nightmare Ledgers" section. Most of your "dreams" are actually nightmares. You could inspire Edgar Allen Poe. ;D

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