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Trying lineart and WACOM in photoshop

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Ok first try ever. A while back Rain started his Sword pack, and it started to made me think about my swords... he created me 1 (wich is awesome BTW) but I recently got the urge to create my own. Not trough modeling, but drawing. Stole my mom's wacom and started.

Its kind of messy and the porportions are weaird, but here the basic form, without any fancy marks and such

Here is the WIP art that gonne come on the clade once I get it set, do note that onlike the blade, this isn't line-arted so its quickly drawn with the pensil tool.

An balance power sword. They are heavy but very smooth, but very hard to use. Thus taking it years to vertualy even use it a bit. The Ying sword has a very bright glowing colour for the blade color with black markings, while the yang sword is Black metal with glowing white markings. So in the dark, on the white sword you can see the metal on the black sword the markings.

When blade are combined, you see the completed Ying-Yang circle, whne the user moves his hand on it, it creates an arrow made of Black energy as the tip, and light blue as the rest.


Having fun?  ;D

Uhu, its a lots harden then it looks ^^ Can't find the correct colors  :-\

Isn't it easier to just draw on a paper then use a scanner?  :-\


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