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Author Topic: The Two Dragons  (Read 2522 times)


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The Two Dragons
« on: 2006-12-06, 22:54:47 »

I'm not sure whether I told anyone this dream, but I had it way back in early 2005 when I used to post my dreams up on my msn group site, which is now long gone. I kind of remember this dream, but some details are kind of hazy these days. Here it goes:

It was night and the full moon illuminated a small town surrounded by long open fields of grass, hills, and small patches of trees. I was at the edge of town looking out at the full moon that gloomed the open fields when I noticed something in the sky. I couldn't make it out at first, but then it began moving down at my position. I became unconfortable as I started to make out the object's winged shape.

I finally realized that what was in the sky was a black dragon and it was flying towards me. Before the black dragon could overtake me it was intercepted by a white dragon that came out from the sky behind me. A battle between them insued and I decided to take cover within the town. The white dragon must have lost because soon the streets were being rampaged by the black dragon who appears to be searching specifically for me.

I run through the streets looking for cover, hiding behind buildings, and looking for someplace where the black dragon wont find me. There seems to be no place I could hide well enough for it not to find me. I felt hopelessness as I grew tired and flusterated at trying to hide from this dragon so I just kept running till I came to what appears to be a very small industrial building that has large gas generaters in it.

The building had several stories to it with Z pattern stairways that I used to climb to the top of the building where I came across a strong looking metal door that had a rectangular peep hole like an old mental ward containment door. The door was rather creepy, but before I could open it, I had woke up.
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