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Vongetta Valoris:
Name: Vongetta Valoris
Appearance: Shoulder-length auburn hair, gray eyes, average height, lithe, bordering on thin
Race: Kindred
Clan: Brujeador
Generation: 11th
Sire: Lord Averly Tresham, 5th Earl of Rochester
Human Age: 19
Blood Age: 191
Rank: Unknown
Faction: Does not fancy herself under any rule, though under Camarilla by default, has on several occasions defied Camarilla maneuvers
Disciplines: Auspex (3), Presence (5), Potence (5), Celerity (2)

I am Vongetta Valoris. I was born in 1815, the year of our Lord, in Sussex, England, to my father, the Marquis of Bonhaven and to my mother, Lady Elisabeth Warwick. I spent most of my youth as was appropriate for girls of that age during then, under the care of a governess. Because of my noble blood I was to be schooled in everything that was expected of a lady: etiquette, embroidery, the pianoforte, the flute, the violin. The only sort of literature I was ever allowed were books on poetry, and as such the works of  Byron and Tennyson, yet until today it is only the works of Edgar Allen Poe that remain my personal favourite.

I was something of a hoyden by the time I reached what the ladies deemed a "marriageable" age. Father was constantly on my back about my latest public flouting of the rules - these ranged from horseriding in the park with a few of my best friends (it wasn't my fault they all happened to be male, the female ones didn't seem to be able to hold an intelligent conversation most of the time) to climbing trees on the pretext of rescuing a kitten ("Are you sure it wasn't an excuse to show off your skirts?" Father roared) to engaging in a duel with the neighbour's son, whose father happened to the Duke. 

Though I suffered the wrath of my father often, I was his only child and everything was soon forgiven with the new morning. He was a talented businessman, and I suppose I inherited that little streak of rebelliousness from my mother, who in her own way, went against society's code by helping Father out with his business, though not openly. When an illness took my mother two years later, Father was beside himself with grief. I learnt to be his companion, making sure he would always have a hand when he needed in his business. There were days that he fell into mourning for my mother, and those were the days that my boyish ways stood me through, for it was then that Father leaned heavily on my support.

At nineteen years, Father decided I needed to be safely wed off to ensure a good future. Balls were held in quick succession; grand affairs that lasted through the wee hours of the morning. It was during one of these balls that I met Lord Averly Tresham, society's most notorious rogue. He was also the most dashing, having an aura about him that was at once commanding and mesmerizing. Under his gaze I felt like a woman, a lady to be admired, all instances of my tomboyish ways fell apart when he was near.

I never believed in rumors, but I should have that day. Tresham suggested a game of cards upstairs, away from the noise. I was breathless, excited by this man's attention. The warning bells in my head I had silenced them, and before I knew it we were playing a dangerous game of seduction with each turn of the card. Tresham wanted me, lusted for me, and I lusted for him too.

The last I remember of him was when he entered me; the pain and pleasure mixing into one was indescribable. At the time I did not know, but that night he was to become the sire I never knew, and the night that shattered every illusive dream I had of men.

I knew I couldn't continue living in England. Father would know something was amiss if I locked myself in my room all day. I was horrified by the changes in my body, and the disgusting, newly-acquired thirst for blood. My only choice was to escape. I left a letter for my Father, asking he would forgive me, and took one of his hunting knives from his collection to aid my journey.

I have travelled far since then. First in Africa, where a desert tribe took me in for a while. It is there that I made friends with their hunters, and learnt to survive in a world that wouldn't welcome me with open arms. Then it was a long route to China, and finally I am settled here in L.A. where I have made a few friends at a local nightclub, not in the least a fellow Toreador by the name of Azrael and his partner, Captain Boxman.

The night is young, and I am ready.

Azrael of the Rose:
hehe i know this lady. one thing, boxman is my partner not bloodywolf. otherwise i love it.

Azrael of the Rose:
oh and while im thinking about it...can i call you VV? ;)

I love the storyline. It's well-written and has a sense of finality. I do have two things to point out, though. Me being the typical WoD book thumper you all know and love, *guns racking* I'm assuming you are going for a noncannon character? I mean Brujeador... There have been several notoriously violent Toreador in the books, and the Toreador antitribu are particularly known for their cruelty and deep grudges. Also, what is Spirit's Touch? Are you referring to Spiritus, the power of the Ahrimane? Spiritus can only be learned by Ahrimane because of the shamanic magick used to create one. It strips clan lineage (but not generation) and they adopt the new Ahrimane bloodline. Also, every single one of them are Gangrel and female, typically originating from the Sabbat in the southern U.S. area. The only way you might learn it would be to capture one and "extract" the information.

Vongetta Valoris:
Thanks guys.

Sorry about the confusion - I meant Boxman, but somehow I keep saying Bloodywolf....both starting with a "B"! So sorry about that - I'll edit my post later, right now I'm swamped with work and barely have time to even breathe..

I know my story isn't very WoD-like, to be honest I have very little WoD knowledge outside of the game (which I haven't got the time to even finish playing), so if I seem to be vague in my storytelling sometimes, I hope you understand. Like I said, the club thread was meant to be fun-like, and hence I think of my character as a Brujeador...it isn't canon at all, but I like it that way, and unless I'm RP-ing in a really strict game complete with rules to adhere, then I don't see a problem with Brujeador as it is.

*disappears to work*

I'll edit my bio later with Boxman in it..


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