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Author Topic: Attacked by a Demon  (Read 2670 times)


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Attacked by a Demon
« on: 2006-12-06, 23:38:02 »

I had a dream a couple nights ago. The dream started out rather typical for me. I was just roaming around on the sidewalks of a busy highway that heads to town, looking at the various shops as I walk around. I usually have dreams of roaming around at night, but this one started to go in another direction.

My thoughts were rather constant in this dream and I tend to confuse whether things were real or not. Everything felt so real. I ended up standing at a downtown streetlight in broad daylight when I noticed a man sitting down at a bench just a few meters away. He was looking at me with a smile on his face. Suddenly his face starts to distort and his eye sockets hollow in like a void was spawning in their place. I then heard him cry out with demonic scream.

I realized I was dreaming then I woke up....

I found myself in bed with my blanket over my head, trembling in fear. As I went to get up, something forced me back down and I was unable to get the blanket off of me. I put my arms up and attempt to move the blanket off my head, but it would not move. It was as if something was on the other side trying to suffocate me with my own blanket then I started to hear that demonic cry that ran chills down my spine. I felt like I was being consumed. I refused to give up so with all of my might and flustration I finally force myself to sit upwards to take the blanket off from over my head. I saw no one else there...

Then I woke up.

I should have known something was off because I should have realized that I don't use a light brown blanket. I use a dark comforter, but damn that felt real. I truly thought I was under attack. I woke up with the chills.
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