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Author Topic: Favorite RPG Games  (Read 9420 times)


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Re: Favorite RPG Games
« Reply #15 on: 2008-03-16, 16:42:02 »

NWN1 (2 aswell, but I didn't complete the SP since the game was that damn buggy)
NoX (totaly forgot about this one in my previus post)
The Witcher
Diablo 2
Divine Divinity 1-2 (some people hated it, I loved it)
Guildwars (It was an RPG sort of)

Nr.1 would be Nox and nr.2 Would be Arcanum.

Nox - Good old Westwood quality games.
Arcanum - Can you really beleave its from the same makers of Bloodlines? The quality differance is so huge, its a shame that the company got broke. Thise guys had made some find amout of RPG's.
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Re: Favorite RPG Games
« Reply #16 on: 2008-03-22, 17:50:46 »

Its very hard, make top table..

1.Vampire:Masquerade: Redemption 
2. Gothic II with epansion
3. Oblivion 
4.TES III:Morrowind
5.Diablo II&LoD
8.Dungeon Master 
9.Dungeon Master II
11. Vampire: Bloodlines
12. Chaos Strikes Back
13. Gothic III
14. Witcher
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