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Author Topic: [GTA] Games that changed the world!  (Read 1923 times)

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[GTA] Games that changed the world!
« on: 2006-11-30, 04:15:16 »

A mistake that many make is to believe that GTA became offensive with its third incarnation, and reinvention into a 3D city. GTA was always offensive! Gloriously so. The original would display points scored for running down civilians, machinegunning your way through a crowd of old ladies, and, you'd be congratulated before evading the police! It was as much the politician-baiting game when it was released as it is today.

But it wasn't simply shock value that gained the game wide-spread acclaim. It was utterly brilliant. Providing genuinely non-linear freedom without losing pace or direction, along with a solid mission structure and effective controls, it was the combination of excellent game design and tongue-in-cheek violence that made it so significant (and it was made by the British! ;D )

And now it's FREE - along with GTA2 and Wild Metal Country! Sign up to Rockstar's mailing list (thus selling your soul to Satan), and you can download versions of all three, updated to run on XP.

GTA is 328MB, GTA2 is 344MB and WMC is a gigantic 170MB

Go HERE and put your name etc. at the bottom of the page to download these gems!!

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