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Just come on in and relax - have a drink. 


Not much - just come in and use your imagination. Be sure to indicate to people that you are in-character and using descriptions for character actions. The setting takes place in a modern bar in a big city. It's imaginary so make up what you want.

*Comes in, Relaxes and haves a drink*

Sup rain, Moved bar location again?

Yup. I bought a longer lease for this new bar.

3 year contract. We'll be up for awhile.  ;)

So the usual?

Good 'ol pint of ale, from the dark ages years style. I woder where are the customers are stayig.

Looks like some of them are checking out the other club for awhile till this one gets sorted in.

Well a pint of a me ol' ale is still available.

Makes bloodywolf an ale

Here ye go laddy.


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