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Samuel Oliver Elheart

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Samuel Oliver Elheart

Age: 37
Appearance: White Caucasian with dark hair and goatee. Wears glasses due to near sightedness. Has a little bit of a beer belly, but is overall healthy and fit.


His main profession is psychology. His knowledge has helped many including the FBI in their search for illusive psychopathic killers. He also uses his knowledge to understand history and the minds of ancient societies. He is highly intelligent.

Samuel comes from a rich family that has a long bloodline. He had spent much of his earlier years as a historian. He used his keen knowledge of history to trace back his family roots. He had discovered many things about his ancestors that had proved shocking to him.

His discoveries led to a powerful organization of vampire researchers called ‘The Watchers’. Samuel discovered this when he inherited a large mansion on Rhode Island. The mansion once belonged to his Grandfather and has been in the family for centuries containing many secrets to be discovered within it…

Samuel spent much of his time in the mansion library where he looked through his Grandfather’s large collection of books. There was a book that seemed out of place in that library. The cover of the book showed a grandfather clock that was set to the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour. Its pages were blank.

It was odd sense there was an old clock in the main hall that was stuck on that very time. He didn’t know what to think of it. He knew it was some kind of clue to one of the mansion’s secrets, but did not know what secret that was.

One night Samuel was sitting in a comfortable chair in front of the library’s fireplace reading a book on psychology. It was late and the night was cold and rainy. All the sudden the grandfather clock in the library began to chime. Samuel was curious as to why the clock would do that at the struck of 11:11. When the clock stopped a sound of a lock clicking could be heard from one of the walls.

He walks up to the wall where he heard the sound and notices something odd about it. Some kind of symbol now shows upon the wall that is glowing with a hollow blue coloring. Samuel reaches out to touch it…

With the loud sound of clamping and clucking the wall begins to move revealing a passage behind it! He slowly walks through the passageway, which is well lit. There is a door at the end of the passage. He walks up to it and opens it. Air begins to flow quickly through the passage behind him and into the door slamming it open and revealing a room. Samuel proceeds inside to investigate it. What he discovers shocks him…

A strange book sits on a dusty desk in the center of the room. The book bared the same symbol that was on the wall. There was also a stone tablet in the corner of the room. It was in some kind of symbolic language that Samuel doesn’t know, but when he opens the book he finds that it is in English!

Having read the book he had discovered that it is over 1200 years old and contains considerable information about ancient vampire lore. It tells of the 13 vampire clans and their endless jihad. It describes the ancient watcher society and how they have observed the vampire nation for some time. The book had a lot of information including historical documentation of clan activities and movements.

Samuel didn’t know what to think of all of this. It was hard for him to believe it all. He decided to seal the room and swore to himself never to enter it again. He tried to keep it out of his mind wondering if this is his family legacy…

That’s when the dreams began. These were haunting dreams of the end of the world that showed the waters turning into blood and the dead walking upon the earth. Though these dreams were vivid he quickly dismissed them as mere background memories of reading the bible and watching too much TV.

But the dreams continued showing other things that simply could not be. He saw 13 demons rise up from the earth. The demons reigned terror and destruction upon everything they touched and left nothing behind. These dreams started to affect Samuel more and more. They kept getting worse, causing him to loose sleep… and sanity.

He soon became aloof, cutting himself off from the outside world. He no longer was able to be the psychologist he wanted to be. He knew he was loosing his mind, but why? What could be causing this?

One night he heard a strange sound from the mansion library. It was coming from the secret passageway that Samuel sealed awhile back ago. He walks up to the wall where the passage resides behind. As he comes closer to the wall the strange sound becomes louder and Samuel stops fearful in his tracks. Suddenly blood begins to ooze out of the wall around the passage as screams begin to emanate as if the house itself was crying out from a grievous wound. He can’t believe what he is seeing and hearing is real, but when one of the servants walks in and screams out after seeing the wall he realizes that it is real! He then orders the servant to go down into the basement and grab the axe.

After the servant retrieves the axe and hands it to Samuel, he begins to hack at the bleeding wall. The blood splatters with each chop causing the screams to worsen. As he continues, another servant walks in with an axe and begins to help. They both chop at the wall one by one till a large hole was made. Then suddenly the screaming stopped…

The blood disappears as the passageway lights up. Samuel orders his servants to stand ground as he goes inside to investigate it. An eerie silence fills the library as the servants stand quietly. Samuel proceeds through the passage…

At the end of the hall, the door to that strange room awaits him. He can here a whisper from beyond it calling to him. Samuel grows nervous as he reaches for the door handle. His hands shake uncontrollably and his heart races.

Upon a squeak of the turning door handle and the creaking of its hinges, the door finally opens revealing not a room, but a great hall. Surely this must be a dream? This cannot be. Samuel walks slowly down the great hall. It was quite a sight to behold.

Large pillars spire to the ceiling. Strange symbols adorn its great walls and the floor is so shiny it glowed filling the great hall with light. At the end of the hall there lye a huge crucifix that stands on a monument baring an unrecognized symbol. The cross began to glow brighter as he approached the monument.

Whispers fill Samuel’s mind as he walks further and further towards it, telling him to come closer and touch it. He does not believe any of this to be real. It must be some kind of dream, but he has never seen such a great hall as this before so where does it come from? He nears the monument…

The whispers suddenly stop the moment he touches it. He then feels an urge to turn around and look back, but fear has stricken him and he cannot move. A voice tells him not to fear and to turn around. Samuel then turns around to see who’s speaking…

It was the ghost of his Grandfather, Markus Sirelious Elheart. Samuel stood before Markus as he told a story. It was a story of an ancient society that records the actions of immortals, the story of ‘The Watchers’: a society that knows much and sees much. Markus had told Samuel all he knew and he finally understood his purpose in life.

Markus tells Samuel to give him his hand so that he may give him something. Samuel extends his hand out and Markus touches it. A symbol begins to form on the back of Samuel’s hand. Behold The Watcher’s insignia; a brand that all Watchers bare. It is magical in nature and can only be seen by other Watchers.

With a flash of light Samuel found himself back in the secret room, as it should be with The Watcher’s book still awaiting him on the old desk. He was told that it is only one of many books that were made. These books are scattered throughout The Watcher society and are kept well hidden. Each book pertains to each vampire that a Watcher was assigned to.

Markus’s book told of a Malkavian named Shaun Incur. He was the immortal that was not only assigned to Markus, but became a good friend during an incident resulting in Markus being discovered. Though Shaun was part of the masquerade, he did not see Samuel’s Grandfather as a danger and decided to befriend him.

This was not the first time Shaun had a Watcher over his shoulder. He befriended many of them over his immortal life. Shaun was fascinated by the Watcher society and even wanted to be part of it, but has yet to truly be accepted into their circle.

Shaun visited Samuel soon after and told him that he was the one that caused Samuel to loose some of his sanity. Shaun told him that it was important for him to carry on the family legacy and become his Watcher. He gave Samuel and all of his servants a shared vision of the haunted wall to encourage his actions. Though that upset Samuel, Shaun told him that he would not do such a thing to him again. He only wanted Samuel to reconsider his path. It’s what Markus would have wanted.

So in the end he decided to become a Watcher as part of the family legacy. He spends much of his time studying the psychology of Malkavians and has yet to even scratch their surface. Though Shaun seems sane at times he can be quite odd on occasion. He’s been quite a challenge for Samuel, but he feels that someday he’ll figure out what makes Malkavians like Shaun tick.

I wonder if you are ever gonne use this char, its wonderfully made...

I need to make his mansion first.

His mansion plans to be based on the mansion design in the Eternal Darkness game.

Why don't you make a Character Profile of yourself? I know that you prefer City Gangrel but that's about it. I'll be making my own profile soon.

I'll make mine soon enough. I'll have it ready on the 17th... hopefully.


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